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Windows 10 S and S Mode rumors

When Microsoft revealed Windows 10 S in mid-2017, some believed that it was a return of the dead-before-it-shipped operating system Windows RT. It was a low-cost version of Windows 10 designed for low-end hardware and "light-use" environments, and it only supported Windows Store apps. Microsoft...


Solve Common Netflix Annoyances With These 5 Tools

Netflix is among the best video streaming services today, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Some apps and extensions fill the gaps to make your viewing experience better than ever before. We’ve featured a few such Netflix-improving apps before, and there’s the ultimate Netf...


You Can Now Use YouTube TV on Your Roku Device

YouTube TV is now available on most Roku devices released over the last few years. This means many more people can now consider YouTube’s live TV service, as long as they live in one of the areas covered by the service. Which is over cities in the United States, with more due soon. Roku is a p...


We Bet You Didn’t Know These Microsoft Word Features (or Forgot About Them)

If you use Microsoft Word regularly, then you probably use the same features over and over. You might be quite familiar with mail merge, the drawing tools, or font formatting options. But constant usage can actually lead to overlooked yet useful features. Maybe you forget about them or just don&rsqu...


8 WW2 Strategy Games That Get You Into the War

WW2 strategy games haven’t been the most popular in recent years, but they still provide some of the best experiences in the strategy genre. From squad-based combat to continental-scale strategy, you can step into some of the most famous battles of all time to test your strategic mettle. We&rs...


How to Watch Plex Using Google Daydream VR

Massively popular media server software Plex offers a sort of do-it-yourself Netflix or Spotify experience. While it’s excellent at serving media to client devices, there’s loads of additional functionality. For instance, Plex includes live TV and DVR capabilities for cordcutters, news s...


6 cryptocurrencies that could become the next Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies continue to vex investors, while simultaneously crowning new millionaires in this challenging time. While Bitcoin is the dominant virtual currency that grabs much of the attention, there are plenty of other cryptocurrencies out there, some of which are also popular and relatively hi...


The best web hosting services for 2018

Whatever size of website you have, this article will help you find the best web host, and the best hosting deals for you. The first step is to identify what your needs are - with one eye on the future growth of your website - then choose an appropriate plan at the right price. Web hosting companies...


DEAL: Amazon’s Big Super Bowl Echo and Alexa Discounts are Here: $15 Off Spot, $80 Off Show

The “Big Game” is tomorrow, so Amazon is celebrating by discounting almost all of the Amazon Echo products it sells, as well as others that feature Alexa. The discounts are solid too, like a $15 price drop on the Amazon Echo Spot and an $80 price drop on Echo Show. As far as I know, this...


Google Home Owners are Getting a Free Audiobook

Google is really pushing this whole audiobook thing. After introducing them only a couple of weeks ago to Google Play and giving everyone 50% off their first purchase, Google Home owners are now receiving email notices that a free audiobook is in their future. The offer should get you almost an...

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