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Apple smart glasses patent details a lighter, comfier head-mounted display

It’s no secret that Apple is cooking up some type of augmented reality hardware at its Cupertino headquarters. CEO Tim Cook has broadly hinted at the company’s ambitions to deliver a head-mounted display or smart glasses device at some point in the future. More recently, Cook said that t...


Sonos made a playlist for Apple’s HomePod launch

Sonos is determined to make sure consumers know it also makes connected speakers and, hey, you know, it was here first, doing this thing for years! So today, the company released a playlist congratulating Apple on the launch of the HomePod. The playlist also serves as a message, with the title of ea...


HomePod repairs cost almost as much as a new HomePod

This may not come as a huge surprise, but it’s going to be pricey if you break Apple’s fully sealed and densely packed new speaker. Repair pricing for the HomePod was posted to Apple’s website today, and the number is high enough that it’s clear you should invest in a warrant...


The best Linux distro for privacy and security in 2018

The awesome operating system Linux is free and open source. As such, there are thousands of different ‘flavours’ available – and some types of Linux such as Ubuntu are generic and meant for many different uses. But security-conscious users will be pleased to know that there ar...


From July, Chrome will flag all unencrypted websites as ‘not secure’

Google’s fight for a more secure internet continues with the announcement that its Chrome 68 update – to be released in July this year – will see all unencrypted websites (HTTP sites) marked with a ‘not secure’ label. Read more: Google Chrome reviewThe internet giant be...


Sonos Makes a Spotify Playlist for Apple's HomePod With Hidden 'We're Going to Be Friends' Message

To celebrate the official launch of the HomePod, Sonos, one of Apple's major competitors in the speaker market, made a "Welcome to the Party" playlist for the new device with a hidden message. Shared on Twitter, the playlist features 21 songs, with each song selected for its title to send a secret...


HomePod is Now Widely Available at Apple Stores

Today is HomePod launch day in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, and as promised, the speaker is now on display and available to purchase at most of Apple's retail stores in each of those countries. HomePod box via Kris Jones on Twitter HomePod has already received rave reviews for...


Uber and Waymo Agree to Settle Case Involving Uber's Alleged Theft of Self-Driving Technology

Over the past five days, Uber and Waymo have been entangled in a court case over Waymo's allegations that Uber stole its self-driving LiDAR system. Today, the two companies have announced that they reached a settlement agreement, under which Uber will pay Waymo a 0.34 equity stake, "amounting to abo...


Apply custom colors to your Windows Explorer folders with Folder Colorizer 2

Folder Colorizer 2 is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices that adds options to Windows Explorer to apply custom colors to any folder on any hard drive. The default folder color is yellow in Windows Explorer and there is no obvious option to customize it to distinguish one folder from the ot...


How to disable the Microsoft Office Upload Center

If you install a recent copy of Microsoft Office on your Windows PC, you may notice that something that the Microsoft Office Upload Center gets installed with that copy. You may notice it in the system tray area of the operating system as it displays its own icon there. The Upload Center may also di...

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