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Google Gives Everyone New Controls Over the Ads That Follow Them Around the Web

Most of you understand that as you shop on the internet, Google follows your activity, so that they can serve ads to you based on those browsing habits. That means that if you were shopping for Tide Pods on Amazon and then leave to research why the stupid-as-hell kids on this planet think it’s...


Verizon’s Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, and LG G5 Get Updates Too (Updated: More Updates!)

Verizon’s LG V30 isn’t their only device picking up a new update today. The Verizon variants of the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, and LG G5 are grabbing them as well. Unlike the V30’s update, which included some new UI tweaks, these updates appear to be nothing but security patches. A...


Google is testing ‘My subscriptions’ and ‘Free up space’ features in Play Store

Google is testing a new “Free up space” feature, which lets you install your least frequently used apps all at once. Google might also bring a new tab called “Subscriptions.” Any apps, TV shows, and magazines you’ve subscribed to will show up in one place.Google might...


Dell’s rugged Chromebook 5190 with USB Type-C is meant for the classroom

Dell Dell has just announced the Chromebook 5000 series, with the debut device being the Chromebook 5190. Available in either a clamshell or 2-in-1 design, the Chromebook 5190 features USB Type-C, a rugged design, and more. The laptop will be available in February starting at $289. Acer, ASUS, HP...


T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T customers in South Korea get free network access for the Olympics (Update)

 Update #1 (1/25): Verizon and AT&T also have offerings for their customers visiting South Korea for the Winter and Paralympic Games. To get free access to Verizon’s network, you will first need to sign up for Verizon Up by January 28. To do so, download the My Verizon app, find the...


Popular fantasy RPG Onmyoji is now available in the US

NetEase has now launched the fantasy RPG Onmyoji in the US. The game already has over 200 million players across Asia. Players will be able to switch between the PC and mobile versions of the game. A highly popular game in Asia is making its way to the States. NetEase Games has launched the f...


CNN puts the kibosh on Beme as Casey Neistat leaves the company

Casey Neistat has left CNN after the news organization bought his Beme video-sharing app for $25 million in late 2016. Neistat and the Beme team were supposed to be working on a video-based news project, but it never came together. Most of Beme’s team will be rehired by CNN to work at other...


US lawmakers grill Intel and company over the handling of Meltdown and Spectre

More criticism has been levelled at Intel and its partners in patching up the huge Meltdown and Spectre flaws – including Apple and Microsoft – by US lawmakers, who aren’t entirely happy about the way the whole episode has played out. And more specifically, the manner in which disc...


Maingear's luxury Bitcoin mining PC comes with exclusive crypto currency rates

With more and more PC components designing specifically for bitcoin mining, it was inevitable that we would see a made-to-order PC wholly dedicated to the pursuit.In collaboration with the eSports betting brand Unikrn, Maingear has introduced the new ACM (Advanced Crypto Miner). It might not look mu...


Windows 10 data collection will be more transparent in the next big update

The next major update of Windows 10 will introduce new tools to tell you more about the data it collects and grant you more control over what the operating system (OS) shares with Microsoft.The company announced new features in a blog post starting with Activity History, which is designed to tell yo...

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