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Missing Google Images' "View Image" button? Use Startpage Image Search instead

So, Google pulled the "view image" button on the company's Google Images search engine recently leaving many users puzzled. Google removed the button after the company entered an agreement with Getty Images. Back then it was not clear if the agreement would make Google remove the "view image" button...


Sony Bravia RF45

In 2017, Sony stole a march on its rivals by introducing the first range of full HD (rather than 4K) TVs to support high dynamic range (HDR) playback: the RE4. Thanks to this unique capability and aggressive pricing, the RE4 series appears to have been a sizeable hit – especially, we susp...


Night Mode on Google Home: You Won’t Regret Turning It On

Google Home is an incredibly useful tool for getting information, controlling your home, and more. However, if you’re like most smart speaker users, it’s probably inadvertently bothered you at night at least once. Whether you don’t want Google Home waking you up with stupid notific...


YouTube TV Adds More Channels for More Money

Google is adding new channels to YouTube TV. Unfortunately, new subscribers will be paying the price through higher subscription fees. Still, the new price really just brings YouTube TV in line with its competitors such as PlayStation Vue and Hulu with Live TV. YouTube TV launched in March 2017, off...


Why I Use FreeTaxUSA Instead of TurboTax or H&R Block to File Taxes

Unless you’re running your own business or involved in complex investments, you likely don’t need to pay a CPA hundreds just to file your taxes. All you need is the right software, and you can do it yourself in under an hour. I’ve mainly used TaxSlayer in the past. I’ve also...


How to Use IF Statements in Microsoft Excel

Everyone knows how versatile the IF statement is in a scripted program, but did you know you can use much of the same logic inside of a cell in Excel? A basic definition of an IF statement in a program is that it lets you output something specific based on the results of several inputs. You could pe...


The Apple HomePod Can Stain Your Furniture

If you own an Apple HomePod you need to be careful where you place it. Because it turns out that Apple’s smart speaker can stain wooden furniture. This can happen quickly, and be permanent, so we may have to add this to our list of reasons not to buy an Apple HomePod. The HomePod, Apple’...


DEAL: Sign-Up for Project Fi and Buy a Fi Phone, Get an $80 Credit

Google’s Project Fi really wants you to leave your current carrier and come join its wireless party. Google is currently trying to entice you to do that by offering you an $80 credit if you come over and buy a Project Fi phone, like the Pixel 2, Pixel XL, or Moto X4. If you come on over and bu...


Question of the Day: Why’d You Buy Your Current Phone?

Android users have no shortage of options when it comes to purchasing new phones. We can get a Galaxy from Samsung, Pixel from Google, or any number of other devices from various device makers. It’s good having a choice. Our question to you is, why did you buy your current phone? Was it the co...


Chrome Canary on Android Gets New Chrome Duplex Experience

Chrome on Android’s love-it-or-hate-it bottom bar situation, known as Chrome Home, may no longer be a part of the app’s future even though it made its way up to Chrome Beta. In its place, there’s a chance we’ll get something called “Chrome Duplex” that was first s...

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