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More than half of smartphones sold online in India are via Flipkart: Counterpoint Research

According to a report from Counterpoint Research, India’s overall online smartphone shipments grew 23% annually in 2017. In India, online channel contributes to more than one-third of the total smartphones shipped, which is the highest in the world. Seasonal sales events like Flipkart’s...


8 best note-taking apps to help you remember and write everything

The mobile revolution means its easier than ever to ditch a pen and paper for a smartphone or tablet when jotting down ideas, making records of meetings or simply articulating ideas.Advances in 4K monitor and mobile display technology ensure that reading notes from a device is just as good as a note...


Best small business web hosting for 2018

Every business needs a website, but finding the right hosting package isn't always easy. Many plans are targeted primarily at home users, and don't have the power that businesses need.Take email, for instance. We've seen hosting plans offer as few as five email addresses for a website, and with inbo...


Telangana to leverage Google X technology for connectivity

The Telangana state government is in preliminary discussions with Google X to provide connectivity to remote areas in the state, in a bid to provide high speed access to the internet to all households in Telangana. According to the proposal, the Telangana government wants to use Google X’...


The best dedicated server hosting of 2018

Budget web hosting can appear to be amazing value, with feature-packed products available for just a few pounds every month. But the reality is often very different, and they're not always the bargains they seem.Very low prices probably mean the host is cramming more customers onto each server, for...


DEAL: Up to $500 Off Verizon Galaxy S8, S8+ or T-Mobile Note 8, Plus Free Gear IconX Too

Even with the Galaxy S9 right around the corner, there is nothing wrong with still looking for the best deal on the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8. Often when new phones are on the horizon, companies will discount their current best-sellers to try and move product. That seems to be the case over at Sams...


Android Manufacturers are Getting Sh*ttier at Updating Phones

Dating back to last August, we’ve released a monthly visualization to show the adoption (or lack thereof) of new versions of Android. We post an updated chart with each month’s refreshed Android distribution numbers and they show that since Jelly Bean topped out at just over 60% of the p...


Report: Google to Soon Launch ARCore Framework for 3rd-Party Development

According to a report from Variety, Google will launch the ARCore framework at this year’s MWC, allowing 3rd-party developers to more easily bring augmented reality (AR) apps to the Android platform. As of right now, if you want to experience any sort of AR on your Android device, you’re...


Opinion: Android One Becomes the New Google Play Edition Now That Android Go is Here

If I look back through all of the years we have covered Android, it’s hard to argue that the introduction of Google Play Edition phones wasn’t one of the biggest moments. In those early years, the Android skin situation was bad. Those early versions of TouchWiz, MotoBlur, and even HTC Se...


You Can Now Apply to Attend Google I/O 2018!

The application process for this year’s Google I/O is now open! In order to get yourself a ticket to the event that takes place in Google’s backyard on May 8-10, you’ll need to have some luck. You’ll also need to let Google put a $1,150 hold on your credit card. Ouchies. To g...

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