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This lawsuit could determine the future of the internet in the US

Over in the US, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has officially published an order overturning previously established net neutrality protections, which could have major ramifications for everyone online – but the pushback against the move has already started.As Reuters reports, a co...


Samsung Outs Galaxy S9 in 3-Minute Promo Video a Day Early, Enjoy!

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ will be unveiled tomorrow during Samsung’s MWC 2018 press event, but someone slipped and published a 3-minute overview of the phones to YouTube today. Yeah, this really happened. The video might be the most boring promo video in history, as it takes an enterprise o...


Weekly Recap: Galaxy S9 Coming This Weekend, HTC Lays Off Number of US Employees

We usually close shop for the weekends, but thanks to MWC, we’ll be working hard starting Sunday morning. We’re expecting a good amount of news coming out of Barcelona this weekend, including the announcement of Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+, Sony’s new lineup of devices, plus...


Samsung’s MWC 2018 Event is Live February 25

We’re finally here. We have made it to MWC 2018 opening weekend where Samsung will announce the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, two phones that we already know just about everything about, outside of official pricing and release timing. Samsung is a lot like Apple these days in that they are so big,...


Sony’s MWC 2018 Event is Live February 26

Samsung will own MWC 2018, but Sony has the event we’re looking forward to the most. I know that sounds weird, it’s just that we know what Samsung will bring. It’ll be good. It’ll be Samsung too. For Sony, 2018 is looking like the year they finally try and switch it up some b...


Unlocked HTC 10 Receives Oreo Update, December Security Patch

Just as report cards were sent out for all of the major OEMs, with HTC scoring an F grade in the software update department, the HTC 10 is now receiving Oreo by way of over-the-air (OTA). Labeled as build 3.16.617.2 and weighing in at 1.32GB, the update brings the HTC 10 up to Android 8.0 while also...


The Secret to Instant SEO Success

The internet isn’t a meritocracy. Your content could be hot stuff, but without the online know-how that is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), not many people are going to see it. You could spend months learning the ropes, or you could let SEOPop do all the work for you. SEOPop will automatical...


Quick look: Android Go on the Alcatel 1X

One of Google’s big initiatives for 2018 is Android Go, a lite version of Android 8 Oreo that is optimized for phones with 1 GB of RAM or less. Android head Hiroshi Lockheimer teased several Android Go devices coming at MWC 2018 and today Alcatel introduced the first one. Read: Alcatel’...


Hands-on with Alcatel’s new phones at MWC 2018

There are plenty of big announcements still coming at MWC, with companies like Samsung and LG sure to make a big splash in the smartphone market. But those aren’t the only phones worth paying attention to. Google recently promised that we’d see Android Go phones at MWC 2018, and Alcatel...


Google Home Max review: Smart Sound makes the world go ’round

The personal assistant you have in your phone isn’t going to live there forever. Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google are increasingly looking to place that assistant strategically throughout your life so you’ll always have access to it. That all starts with the home. It didn&rsqu...

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