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Hulu in March 2018 – here’s what is new

Hulu is not usually the first stop for most people when they are searching for a streaming movie, but every month the streaming service add a slew of new content, many of which are good, especially for genre lovers or niche audiences, and March 2018 is no exception. Notable hits and cult classics co...


Huawei CEO calls out competitors “using politics” to kill U.S. deal

Going “off-script” at an MWC 2018 press conference, Richard Yu made some controversial comments about Huawei’s failed AT&T exclusive deal. Mr. Yu allegedly blames competitors for “playing politics” to kill the deal, a statement that could be perceived as a serious...


Vivo’s solution to bezel-less phones is truly exciting

 Lately it seems most companies differentiate their phones through design, without ever changing the core functionality of the device. After checking out Vivo’s APEX concept phone, I know I’m not alone in saying the technology it displayed was exciting for anyone wondering what&r...


AMD Ryzen 2nd Generation release date, news and features: everything you need to know

For as long as we can remember, Intel has ruled the processor market with impunity, as AMD worked tirelessly to keep up with performance while Intel kept rising its prices. Then Ryzen came out, and everything changed. AMD’s 14nm chips released in late 2016 and started coming out to the public...


Nvidia Volta release date, news, and features

When it comes to PC graphics cards, Nvidia's varied selection of powerful GPUs is unmatched. From the wickedly powerful, 4K graphics-pumping GeForce GTX 1080 Ti to the entry-level GTX 1050 – and everything in between – Nvidia remains the gold standard.But, as gamers demand new levels of...


How does the HomePod stack up against Sonos with Alexa?

Apple’s entrance into the “smart” speaker market earlier this month was remarkable because of its lateness almost more than anything else: Amazon’s Echo speakers have been around for a few years, Sonos (finally) brought a voice assistant to its Wi-Fi speaker last fall, and ev...


I got my iPhone’s battery replaced, and I’m angry Apple didn’t tell me to sooner

Two weeks ago, I went to an Apple Store and had a new battery put in my iPhone 6S. The very next day, I realized how unusable my old battery had been making my phone. The repair restored functionality that had been seeping away so slowly I hadn’t really registered the loss. Apps now load when...


Here’s a Kickstarter that adds wireless charging to your AirPods case

Back in the distant past, when Apple was announcing the wireless charging capabilities of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, Apple promised a new generation of AirPods that would include a case capable of wireless charging. We even heard a rumor that Apple would sell the case separately for $69. Also, t...


G Suite catches up to Office 365 with planned Dropbox integration

Dropbox has already jumped into bed with Microsoft Office on the integration front, and now the cloud storage outfit has announced a new partnership with Google’s rival productivity suite.The plan is that later in the year, G Suite customers will benefit from full integration with Dropbox, giv...


Snapchat Reportedly Doubling Down on Spectacles With Two New Versions in the Works

In late 2016, Snapchat launched its first consumer product with the Spectacles, a pair of glasses that came equipped with a small camera that could record video clips from a first-person perspective and upload them to a Story on the iOS and Android Snapchat app. Although the company ultimately took...

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