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Facebook admits Explore Feed was a terrible idea

Facebook has ditched a controversial feature that split users' news feeds in two - one with ads and original posts from friends, and another for content from publishers. Users had to click an 'Explore Feed' button to access unpromoted posts from publishers.In October, Facebook began testing Explore...


August Adds Support for DoorSense in Google Assistant, Arlo Picks Up Camera Commands

This week, two of the bigger names in the smart home world expanded or added Google Assistant functionality to their products. I’m talking about August and Arlo, two companies whose products should probably be on your short list if you are considering diving into a connected home. For August,...


Huawei Will Launch a Huawei Watch 3, But Not Anytime Soon

Earlier this week, Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu confirmed that the company will release a third iteration of the Huawei Watch, but specifically mentioned that it will come at a later time. According to Yu, “It will come later – there’s no hurry because Huawei Watch 2 sel...


All the Best Galaxy S9 Deals Right Here (Pre-Orders Live!)

Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ pre-orders are here and the deals joining the launch are pretty wild. If you were considering the Galaxy S9, but thought that it might not be worth the upgrade or that you weren’t ready to fork out a bunch of cash, you should look at the offers from Samsung, Verizon, A...


Google Clips First Look and Tour!

Now that Google’s new smart camera is readily available, we went ahead and picked one up to give it a spin. For those who missed it, I’m talking about Google Clips, the camera that wants to sit by your side, so that it can capture the memories while you live within them, not behind the l...


Thursday Poll: Are You a Fan of the Top Notch Design?

Kellen and I have both shared our differing thoughts on the trend of top notches, so now it’s your turn to let us know how you’re feeling about it. It does seem like a very polarizing subject, but rightfully so. On one hand, we have multiple Android OEMs apparently ready to copy one of A...


Google offers $100 Google Store credit on Pixel 2 XL purchases

Google is currently offering $100 Google Store credit when you buy a Google Pixel 2 XL at its website. The deal is ongoing until March 17, but it doesn’t apply to the smaller Google Pixel 2. The $100 credit will be delivered to customers’ Gmail accounts 6-8 weeks after the offer en...


Long-awaited brawler ChronoBlade now available on Android

The anticipated RPG brawler ChronoBlade is now available on Android. The title was first launched on Facebook in 2012 and has been slowly being ported to Android and iOS since 2015 (you may remember it was also announced for the Ouya in 2013). Set in a fantasy realm, the title features si...


Oppo R15 and R15 Plus teased with iPhone X-style notch

Oppo is teasing a new pair of flagships that appear to be jumping on the ‘notch’ bandwagon. The Chinese giant shared a silhouetted image of a new device on Weibo (via GSMArena), alongside the monikers “R15” and “R15 Plus”, which shares a striking similarity to th...


Dropbox getting Google Docs, Gmail and Hangouts integration

Dropbox has partnered with Google to integrate its productivity tools with Dropbox’s cloud storage service. According to Dropbox, it will begin launching support for the services later this year. Dropbox has already announced integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Adobe Creative Cloud in 20...

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