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Google Lens is Rolling Out Today to Everyone

Google Lens is rolling out to all Android users today through Google Photos. That means you’ll be able to look up info on pictures of monuments you just took, grab text from a business card you were just handed, or scan all the cat pictures in your library to see if Google can figure out which...


Video: Unboxing the $1,225 Huawei Mate 10 Porsche Design

Porsche Design has become somewhat of a household name in the tech sphere over the years, thanks to partnerships with phone manufacturers who allow the design firm to put their spin on recently released products. They have partnered with Blackberry in the past, and Huawei most recently, which brings...


Huawei creating its own virtual assistant for Chinese market

By examing the firmware of EMUI 8.1, XDA Developers discovered that Huawei is creating a virtual assistant for the Chinese market. Both Google’s and Amazon’s virtual assistants do not support Chinese languages, leaving China as an untapped market. While Huawei has made no official anno...


You will be able to use your phone as a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard in Android P

Development code in Android P points to a feature enabling you to use your phone as a wireless keyboard or mouse. You can do this currently in Android, but only if you root your device first. This new feature would eliminate the need to root. While not exactly a highly demanded feature, it wo...


Weekly Plan Spotlight: Best friends and family plans

Sharing’s caring. In this week’s plan spotlight we’ve picked out some multi-line plans for your delectation. We’ve rounded up 3 providers who all offer 4 lines of unlimited data for $100/month. Whether you’re buying for friends, family, or your barbershop quartet,...


Chinese, Korean, and 20 other languages come to Google’s Gboard today

Gboard now supports Chinese, Korean, and 20 other new languages. This brings the total supported languages to over 300. Many of the languages are already supported on the iOS app and were in the beta version of the Android app for a few months. With Android Go beginning to roll out to entry-level...


Which smart home devices do you own? [Poll of the Week]

Last week’s poll summary: Out of over 3,800 total votes, 60.2% of our readers said they’re not buying the Galaxy S9 nor the S9 Plus. 20.3% of voters said they’re buying the Galaxy S9 Plus, 6.1% are more interested in the smaller Galaxy S9, while 12.1% are still undecided. The stat...


macOS 10.14: what we want to see

It’s still early in 2018, technically, and like clockwork the Apple rumors are already spinning away. However, we’ve heard very little about the would be macOS 10.14, which we all assume will be the name of the next version of Apple’s Mac operating system (OS).Short of the rumor th...


The Best Cordless Phones for Killing Static and Interference

While cellphones virtually replaced the cordless phone and essentially snipped the corded phone, home phones remain useful devices. Cordless—and even corded—phones are still good for office desks, and can yield monetary savings. However, cordless phones suffer from one disadvantage: stat...


The Google Search FAQ You Wish You Had Discovered Sooner

It seems that everyone Googles these days. After all, it is a top search engine. And with that, Google offers some enhanced search features that can be very helpful in finding what you need easier and faster. Here are a few basic and not-so-basic ways that you can use those extra Google Search featu...

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