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You can now use your voice to set location-based reminders on Google Home

You can now set location-based reminders on Google Home. Your phone will then remind you when you arrive at the location, assuming location services are turned on. Those reminders can be pushed out to your Android and iOS devices. Even though you can set location-based reminders on your phone, you...


Electrolux PUREi9 robot vacuum

Most robot vacuum cleaners on the market today are round, making it rather difficult for them to get into corners or thoroughly clean along the edges of a room. And combined with the fact that they generally work best on hard floors (like wood or tiles), it restricts the type of home a robot vacuum...


Digg Reader Is Shutting Down… RIP RSS

Digg Reader is shutting down on March 26. And while users are being assured they can export their feeds after Digg Reader has gone, this is still the end of another RSS feed reader. The options for RSS fans are dwindling by the day. So, is this RIP RSS? In March 2013, Google decided to shutter Googl...


10 Lego Machines You Can Build Without a Mindstorms Brain

Ah Lego, the plastic toy enjoyed by adults and children the world over. While we’ve previously written about amazing Lego Mindstorms projects, are you out of luck if you don’t own any sets such as the Mindstorms EV3? There are plenty of great projects you can build without a Mindstorms b...


10 Chrome Homework Extensions That Really Work for Students

If you mainly use Chrome to do research academic papers, projects, or assignments, why not use handy browser extensions to manage that homework for you? These learning tools in your browser let you plan your tasks, help you research, and assist with your studies. And best of all, you don’t hav...


YouTube Gets a Dark Mode on Android and iOS

YouTube for iOS and Android has officially turned to the dark side. But this doesn’t mean YouTubers are suddenly all stormtroopers. Instead, it just means you can now watch YouTube on your smartphone at night without hurting your eyes. Having once argued that websites with dark backgrounds suc...


How to Install Kodi on Your Mac

Kodi (formerly Xbox Media Center and XBMC) is the best media center software in the world. It’s free, open source, and always moving forward thanks to constant collaborative development. It’s also infinitely customizable. You can change the look with skins and UI tweaks, add new sources...


Google bans Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency adverts

Google has announced it will be banning adverts for cryptocurrency across all its platforms.The search giant has revealed a crackdown on all cryptocurrency-related content, including adverts for ICOs, exchanges, digital wallets, and trading advice.The ban, set to come into force in June 2018, will a...


LG’s ThinQ Smart Display and Google Assistant Speaker Go Up for Pre-Order Too

Add LG’s upcoming Google Assistant-powered smart speakers to the list of devices that are now up for pre-order at B&H Photo. We noticed that Lenovo’s stand-alone Daydream headset and VR180 camera were live earlier, but just stumbled onto LG’s speakers too. The two products here...


Lenovo’s Stand-Alone Daydream VR Headset, VR180 Camera Up for Pre-Order With May 11 Ship Date

After showing off its stand-alone Daydream VR headset and VR180 camera at CES, Lenovo would only tell press that each device would arrive at some point in Q2. We knew pricing ($400 for the Mirage Solo VR headset, $300 for the VR180 camera), but not a specific date. Today, we think we have an idea wh...

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