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How a “Do It Later” List Can Save You From To-Do List Hell

Time management science has proved that multitasking is not the best way to be productive. A crowded to-do list can be mentally draining. So, your next step is simple: narrow your focus to only one thing. But what do you do about the millions of other tasks calling for your attention? The trick...


5 Useful Weather Apps That Are Fun to Check Every Day

Checking the weather is a daily ritual and a requirement. Whether you want just the data in a quick glance or desire an all-round fun weather experience, the right app can make your daily update that much more satisfying. These aren’t the best weather websites. Old stalwarts like AccuWeather,...


NASA Needs You… to Take Photos of Clouds

Your hopes of becoming an astronaut may be slim to none, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work for NASA in some capacity. And all you need in this instance is a decent camera, the right app, and the ability to “just go outside” on occasion. NASA needs your help to validate the...


Apple using secret US facility to develop MicroLED screens for Apple Watch

Apple is using a secret facility in California to design and manufacture prototype MicroLED screens, according to a report from Bloomberg. Engineers are said to have produced fully functional Apple Watch-sized MicroLED screens at the facility, with a view to using the technology commercially for the...


People are accidentally setting off Apple’s Emergency SOS alert

If you sleep on your Apple Watch the wrong way, you might get a wake-up call from the police. That’s what happened to Jason Rowley, who tweeted about the incident earlier this week. Using his watch as a sleep tracker, he ended up holding down the crown button to trigger an emergency call to th...


AMD Ryzen Threadripper is seeing its best deals since Black Friday

AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors are seeing such dramatic discounts that you might say they’re on a Threadripper tear – and immediately apologize for such a ridiculous pun.Several deals on AMD’s high-end desktop chips including the Threadripper 1920X is now retailing for $670.That...


BlackBerry and Microsoft team up to get the most out of your work phone

Two of the technology industry's biggest names have announced they are teaming up to improve security and productivity for mobile workers everywhere.BlackBerry has announced it is partnering with Microsoft to release BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE, which combines some of Microsoft's most popular progr...


Amazon Kindle App for iOS Gains Support for iPad's Split View

The Amazon Kindle app for iOS devices, which is designed to allow Amazon-purchased ebooks to be read on the iPhone and iPad, was today updated with several new features. On compatible iPad models, there's now support for Split View, so you can use the Amazon Kindle app side-by-side with other apps...


List the trackers that apps use on Google Play

Google Play is the primary application store for Android applications. Most Android devices ship with Google Play installed by default and most Android users use it to browse, find and install applications and application updates. While there are other stores available, F-Droid for instance, Google...


Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon will open apps a lot faster

The Linux Mint development team plans to launch the next version of the popular Linux distribution Linux Mint in the coming months. Linux Mint 19 will be offered in multiple flavors including MATE, Xfce and Cinnamon. If you have used Linux Mint Cinnamon in the past or plan to take it for a test driv...

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