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How to Install Windows Software on Raspberry Pi Using Wine

Want to run Windows software on your Raspberry Pi? It’s an ambitious proposition, but now possible for a small number of apps. To find out how easy this is, I set up Eltechs ExaGear software onto a Raspberry Pi 3. Why Windows Software on Raspberry Pi? With so many excellent Linux applications...


The Truth Behind Vero’s Privacy Claims and Strange Success

New social network Vero takes its name from the Latin for “truth” and has positioned itself as a privacy-focused social network. But press releases and marketing show us only what the company wants us to see. We were curious: what’s really behind the hype? Vero’s Privacy Poli...


DEAL: Anker Quick Chargers, USB C Cables, Power Banks Up to 33% Off Today Only

Anker nabbed Amazon’s deal of the day today with a batch of products that are all up to 33% off. It’s a bunch of power-related accessories, so that means a Quick Charge 3.0 adapter, multi-port car charger, USB-C cable, and a couple of big ol’ power banks. If you are in need of some...


Report: LG G7 Launch Expected in May and Priced Around $800, LG V40 Pushed to November

We have a new report concerning the LG G7 this week, plus a little bit on the LG V40. According to Korea’s ETNews, LG will look to launch the G7 in Korea this May, following an unveiling event next month in April. Detailed in the report, the G7 will be priced a bit higher than last year’...


T-Mobile Will Launch RCS Universal Profile Support in Q2

The world of messaging is a confusing one at times. Whether it’s iMessage or WhatsApp or classic text messaging, finding a solution that everyone has and uses is never easy. With RCS (rich communication services), we were under the impression that we might have the solution we need, especially...


White House Issues Order Prohibiting Broadcom’s Bid for Qualcomm

You guys know this already, but Broadcom and Qualcomm have been going back and forth over several months now after Broadcom attempted to acquire the US chipmaker. It’s been somewhat nasty, often drama-filled, and possibly a little too greasy for my taste. But with Broadcom playing countless ta...


AMD ‘investigating’ critical vulnerabilities in its latest Ryzen and EPYC CPUs

Israeli security firm CTS Labs has today released a white paper to the press, which it claims detail a number of vulnerabilities affecting current AMD CPUs.The 13 vulnerabilities listed in the white paper allegedly affect all Ryzen and Ryzen Pro products currently on the market, as well as EPYC serv...


Samsung Q9FN QLED TV (QN65Q9FN)

The Samsung Q9FN is the most impressive new QLED TV you can buy and the second best 4K display we saw at its First Look event next to the ambitious 146-inch MicroLED TV which Samsung has appropriately dubbed The Wall.The 2018 Q9FN comes in 75- and 65-inch sizes (called the QN75Q9FN and QN65Q9FN, res...


Neato Botvac D7 Connected

Robot vacuum cleaners have gone from something of a novelty to a viable alternative to doing your own floor cleaning. While iRobot’s Roomba may be the most recognizable name in the field, it’s by no means your only option, and from our time with it so far, the Neato Botvac D7 Connected s...


Google Assistant is now available for iPads

Google added its Assistant to the iPhone last year, effectively giving a consolation prize to those who use both it and Apple’s devices. But on Tuesday, Google gave Apple users another token: Assistant on the iPad. According to the company, Assistant on the iPad does what Assistant for the iP...

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