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2TB pCloud storage for under $30

Cloud storage is where your files should be. If you keep them on hardware, they’re a virus or crash away from disappearing into the ether. If you haven’t invested in cloud storage yet, pCloud Premium Plus is a great option. In today’s deal it’s super affordable too. 4.5/...


The first Chrome OS tablet has no keyboard

It wasn’t too long ago that we saw the first touchscreen Chromebook, then the first Chrome OS device with a built-in stylus. Now, Acer has just announced the first web-powered tablet – designed with students in mind.Oddly named after a clamshell-styled device, the Acer Chromebook Tab 10...


Nvidia Turing reportedly to be named ‘GTX 11 Series’ – not GTX 20

Contrary to prior rumors and reports, Nvidia may give us a taste of its next line of gaming graphics cards at its GPU Technology Conference (GTC). TweakTown reports, citing an anonymous source, that the company will officially name its next set of graphics cards the ‘GTX 11 Series.’Widel...


iPhone Explained: 20 Key Terms by Apple You Need to Know

For all its focus on user-friendliness, Apple loves its jargon. But it’s not the standard jargon you’ll see in hardware reviews or database tutorials—it’s Apple’s own brand. You’ll find oddly-placed capital letters and trademarked monikers throughout your iPhone&r...


Over Half of Americans Don’t Trust Facebook

As you’re probably aware, Facebook has recently been involved in a scandal. The short story being that data harvested through Facebook was then sold to a company which used it to help political parties target voters. Which put Mark Zuckerberg on the spot. The Cambridge Analytica scandal led to...


How to Speed Up Microsoft Edge With 5 Secret Settings

Most Chrome users are familiar with Chrome browser’s flags that let you access experimental settings and—when set up correctly—help to improve your browsing experience. However, you might not know that Microsoft Edge also includes a flags menu. It’s not openly advertised; Mic...


How to Upgrade to Ubuntu 17.10 From a Previous Release

With the release of Ubuntu 17.10, came loads of big changes, like GNOME replacing Unity as the default desktop, window buttons going back to the right, the ability to move the dock, and no 32-bit desktop version. There’s also a new default display server and default display manager. Ubuntu 17....


The Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels: Should You Subscribe?

Thanks to YouTube, millions of videos are freely available for you to enjoy across dozens of genres. And for many people, creating content for YouTube is a full-time job. Have you ever wondered who the most popular YouTube stars are? You know, the ones who make millions of dollars. In this article w...


Facebook is officially under investigation by US regulators

A US regulatory agency has confirmed it's investigating Facebook following the Cambridge Analytica (CA) data scandal. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was already reported to be investigating Facebook following revelations that data from 50 million users was used by CA to develop software tha...


What’s the difference between cloud hosting and shared hosting?

We’re used to seeing the word ‘cloud’ stuck in front of basically every technological term out there. And while tech-savvy individuals have a decent grasp of what ‘the cloud’ is, the same can’t be said for all its potential applications.Cloud hosting, for example,...

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