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The end of Disk Cleanup? Free Up Space Now appears in Windows 10 Settings

Disk Cleanup is a handy system utility that is built-in to Windows. It can be used to delete temporary files, some logs, the Recycle Bin, and previous Windows installations. The latter is extremely useful, as it allows you to free up Gigabytes of disk space after upgrades. Windows keeps a copy of th...


Learn Microsoft Office With These 20 Online Tutorials, Videos, and Courses

If you have never used Microsoft Office or just need help with the basics, there are plenty of resources scattered around the internet. But which is the best way to learn Microsoft Office? Is it free training, a paid class, or a video tutorial? For beginners as well as those brushing up on their Mic...


7 Great Open-Source Desktop Apps Available on Android

We’re big fans of open-source software here at MakeUseOf. It’s free, secure, and flexible. Indeed, we love it so much that we’ve previously covered some of the best open-source Android apps and open-source desktop apps. But what about open-source apps that straddle the divide betwe...


4 iPhone Apps That Make Retouching Photos Easier Than Ever

Retouching has long been a standard practice in professional photography, but you don’t need to learn how to use Photoshop to make your selfies look better. All you need is the right mobile photo retouching app and a bit of practice. The hardest part of retouching your headshot is knowing when...


The Best Ways to Remote Control Kodi From Your Couch

Do you need to control Kodi remotely, but are not happy with the default remote control option? Many alternative Kodi remotes are out there, falling into different categories. Let’s take a look at available solutions so you can find the best Kodi remote for you. The 8 Types of Kodi Remote The...


How to Insert a Drawing Into a Google Spreadsheet

You may think that Google Sheets has no need for Google Drawings in its territory. But did you know that you can easily add a drawing into Google Sheets and help give the facts or figures some extra context? So, let’s explore one more creative way to use Google Drawings today. How to Inse...


YouTube and Genius launch a music-focused twist on the 'stories' format

YouTube has launched yet another take on the 'stories' format, teaming up with song lyrics and info site Genius to create a new type of presentation specifically for music.Song Stories pieces together interviews and YouTube content including music video clips and concert footage, plus facts and lyri...


Facebook now lets you disconnect third-party apps in bulk

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, in which information from more than 50 million Facebook users was harvested without permission, it's a good time to check which organizations have access to your details and remove any you aren't happy with. Until now it was necessary to sele...


Latest Facebook update shows which of your idiot friends share fake news

Facebook has released an update that’s supposed to counter the proliferation of fake news. If this song sounds familiar, it’s because it’s not the first time the social media company has sung it.The difference this time is that the tool takes a slightly more personal approach. Unli...


And Finally, the US Unlocked Galaxy S8 and S8+ are Getting Oreo

The US unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are now receiving their Oreo updates. I’m not sure why it took this long knowing that the unlocked units were one of the beta test participants, but Samsung would have you believe that they are really, really, really hard to update because netwo...

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