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You might be able to customize always-on display wallpaper in Android P

Code within the Android P developer preview suggests a new feature that will let users customize the always-on display wallpaper. Currently, there is no wallpaper, just a black screen with white text. While the code suggests an always-on display wallpaper feature, it is by no means a certainty. In...


Google jobber på en ny nettbrettmodus til Chrome OS

Med sitt beskjedne strøm- og minneforbruk er Chrome OS et naturlig valg for konverterbare enheter. Snart blir det også enda bedre, med dedikert nettbrettmodus.Den nye touch-vennlige versjonen kommer til å være mer lik Android, der fokuset i designet ligger mer på fingr...


Apple says it’s now powered by 100 percent renewable energy worldwide

Apple announced today that its business is now powered by 100 percent renewable energy sources. The news is a major victory that the iPhone maker has been working toward for years through the purchase of green energy bonds and other renewable investments in its supply chain and physical infrastructu...


The iPhone X gets a RED leather folio

Apple announced a new iPhone X leather folio, which comes out tomorrow. It’s a $99 leather phone case that was “specially tanned and finished” in Europe. The case has an outer flap to cover and protect the screen. Apple also announced red versions of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus today....


Apple announces new red iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Apple is introducing new red models of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus today. As with the iPhone 7 models announced around the same time last year, Apple is working with Product (RED), an organization that campaigns to fight HIV and AIDS in Africa; an unspecified portion of proceeds from sales of the phones...


Password-free logins are coming to Chrome, Firefox and Edge

Forget passwords – you'll soon have another way to log into websites that will make your accounts less vulnerable.Chrome, Firefox and Edge will soon support a new open standard called Web Authentication (WebAuthn). When it's implemented, you'll be able to use a mobile device to verify your ide...


WhatsApp is sharing your payment data with Facebook

While user privacy on internet has always been a key concern for many, it has now become a cause of worry after the disclosure of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Even more because Facebook users were the biggest victims of the alleged data leak. While Facebook is still facing scrutiny for the...


Vimeo Launches macOS App Aimed at Final Cut Pro Users

Vimeo today announced a new "Vimeo for macOS" app that brings some of the service's core functionalities to Mac computers, particularly aimed at creators using Apple's Final Cut Pro video editing software. While users could already upload to Vimeo from Final Cut Pro, the company noted that its new M...


PayPal Discounts $100 iTunes Gift Cards to $85 as iTunes Launches New Movie Sales

PayPal's Digital Gifts eBay storefront today launched another 15 percent discount on $100 App Store and iTunes gift cards, which the company has been doing once a month since February. While the deal lasts, those with a PayPal account can purchase the $100 iTunes gift cards for $85, which will then...


Ghacks Deals: Zoolz Cloud Storage: Lifetime of 2TB Storage

The new Zoolz Cloud Storage offer on Ghacks Deals gets you lifetime access to a total of 2 Terabyte of online storage space divided into 1 Terabyte of instant vault space and another Terabyte of cold storage space for the low price of $49.99 instead of the regular price of $550 per year. Sounds cra...

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