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Intel is building a graphics card team, potentially for discrete gaming GPUs

Intel's re-entry into the world of dedicated graphics cards almost seems inevitable and now there are at least three reports that seem to back up the theory.Motley Fool analyst Ashraf Eassa claims Intel is splitting its Arctic Sound – the alleged codename of Intel’s forthcoming discrete...


AMD has patched its processors to defend against Spectre

AMD has pushed out firmware patches to protect its processors against variant 2 of the Spectre vulnerability, in conjunction with updates for Windows 10 which are also designed to squash this particularly nasty bug.As we’ve been told before, Spectre (and indeed Meltdown – although that o...


HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop and desktops double down on accessible PC gaming

As it turns out, PC gaming has grown to be mighty profitable for PC makers, the latest of which to double down on widening that audience being none other than HP. The firm has announced three new Pavilion Gaming products aimed toward more mainstream or first-time PC gamers.These three new devices co...


HBO Rickrolls Reddit Over Westworld Spoilers

HBO, home of some amazing TV shows, may have just killed the Rickroll. This is because the showrunners for Westworld, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, have Rickrolled Reddit. And they pulled their publicity stunt off in spectacular style. What Is Rickrolling? If you’re very young or simply new to...


How to Declutter Your Data With No Regrets (But Keep What You Need)

One effective way to worry less about your data is to have less of it to worry about. To get there, you’ll need to redefine the word “important” to mean “impossible to get your hands on in future for free”. With that definition as our guide, let’s explore the kind...


How to Install Android on a Raspberry Pi

Although there are so many operating systems available for the Raspberry Pi, you might think you’ll be happiest sticking with one based on Linux. But what about Android? Can you install Android on Raspberry Pi, and does it make a significant difference? Let’s find out. Why Install Androi...


How to Add a Start Menu or Recent Documents List to Your Mac Dock

macOS doesn’t really need a Start Menu, but some people prefer having one nonetheless. Having a list of apps you can refer to and peruse is handy, especially if you’re coming from Windows. Plus, the Applications folder is a hot mess of everything installed on your machine. Today we&rsquo...


13 Essential Gmail Terms and Features You Should Know About

Where are the folders in Gmail? Are labels the same as folders? How are both different from categories? You might have questions like these about the web version of Gmail if you’re new to it. To help you get familiar with Gmail, we’ll give you the gist of all the essential Gmail features...


Best identity theft protection of 2018

Identity fraud has reached epidemic proportions, the fraud prevention service Cifas warned last year, with a record 89,000 identity frauds recorded in the first six months of 2017.There are a wide range of scams around, but at heart they all involve a criminal pretending to be someone else in order...


Nest Hello Doorbell and Nest x Yale Lock Are Sweet Additions to Any Smart Home

I had both the Nest Hello video doorbell and Nest x Yale smart lock installed in my home recently, and so far, I’m loving them. Before these two products, I never had any sort of smart home tech toward the front of my home. The only things I considered smart in my house before the recent insta...

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