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AMD Ryzen 7 2700X and Ryzen 5 2600X overclocked beyond 5.8GHz

AMD Ryzen 2nd generation is due to release imminently, but it appears the chip is already breaking overclocking records.A PC enthusiast named TSAIK posted two CPU-Z reports detailing the overclocking potential of the Ryzen 7 2700X and Ryzen 5 2600X with liquid-nitrogen.Out of the box, the Ryzen 7 27...


Get Microsoft's no-nonsense Classic Intellimouse for less than $30/£30

While it’s had a spotty track record, generally Microsoft has been known to develop some excellent mouse and keyboard peripherals. One of its best mice – an Amazon’s Choice, even – is available now for 36% off in the US and 25% off in the UK.Known simply as the Microsoft Clas...


HP's wearable virtual reality PC launched in India

Virtual reality has a lot of practical applications. In an attempt to address a few of them, HP launched its first business focused wearable virtual reality (VR) personal computer (PC). They claim that their products can reduce concept-to-production cycle times, provide fully immersive customer expe...


How to Automatically Add New Videos to YouTube Playlists

YouTube can make you want to learn a new subject. You just need to discover the best new videos on a topic of interest and set up a playlist. There are many ways to set up YouTube for learning but nothing beats a well-organized playlist. Starting a new playlist from scratch is easy. But configuring...


3 Great Ways to Customize Desktop Icons on Windows

You probably spend a lot of time on your Windows desktop, so it makes sense to spend some time customizing it. It’s one part of the many ways you can customize Windows 10 as you see fit. A few quick tricks can make your desktop icons more attractive or useful. Here are a few options you might...


How to See Lyrics for Currently Playing Songs on Spotify

Spotify has an entirely justified reputation for removing useful and much-loved features. One of the lost features which caused the most outcry among users was the removal of song lyrics. In its place, Spotify introduced the largely unimpressive Behind the Lyrics. Instead of showing you the lyrics o...


The Best Routers and Modems for Every Budget

Achieving the fastest internet speeds relies in part on service. However, many issues such as a slow or unreliable connection may find hardware, rather than an internet service provider (ISP) at fault.This guide is available to download as a free PDF. Download The Best Routers and Modems for Every B...


Google wants you to have a conversation with a bookshelf

Got a question weighing on your mind? Google has launched a new AI experiment called Talk to Books, which lets you ask a collection of 10,000 titles anything you like using natural language and provides extracts that contain the answer.At first it may sound like a simple text search, but Talk to Boo...


Netflix CEO: spending $8 billion on shows and movies is 'not as much as it sounds'

Making the right content for an audience costs money. A lot of money. Netflix is spending big in 2018, with $8 billion set to go on original content and renew successful series that are already on the service. For the majority or the world, that's a big number. For Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and...


Sony unveils XZ2 Premium flagship with a work-in-progress dual-camera

The Xperia XZ2 Premium sees Sony add a dual-camera setup to a flagship phone for the first time. It’ll need a system update in the third quarter to bring Bokeh and monochrome modes. Sony bucks the industry trend of using a display notch, but it definitely used bezels. Sony’s Premium-br...

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