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How to Set Custom Icons for Apps on Android

Android lets you make all kinds of awesome customizations so you can personalize your phone. While some of these tweaks require lots of in-depth work, others are low-hanging fruit and only take a few taps. Custom icons fall into this second camp. In just a few minutes, you can swap the default app i...


Microsoft is giving you more password-free login options at work

Microsoft will soon offer new ways to log into cloud services like Microsoft 365 without relying on passwords.Security is one of the main advantages of moving to the cloud; providers like Microsoft can invest millions in protecting their users, and have enormous teams dedicated to keeping their user...


DEAL: Samsung Store Drops Galaxy S9 Carrier Prices to Match Unlocked, Slashes $200 More Off AT&T

When the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ were first introduced, we praised Samsung heavily for their pricing on the US unlocked models. We certainly didn’t expect one to be cheaper (S9, $719.99) than last year’s and the other only slightly more expensive (S9+, $839.99), given the upgrad...


Put the God of War world map on your table in AR

Google Play Store The upcoming PlayStation 4 game God of War (colloquially referred to as God of War 4) is already receiving rave reviews for its graphics, new combat system, music, and storyline. Some reviews are even mentioning the “cinematic feel” of the game which gives the player...


Chrome 66 launches, blocking pesky autoplaying videos out of the box

One of our biggest pet peeves has to be the ability for websites to unexpectedly auto-play videos and other content (here’s looking at you, CNN). We’ve long had the ability to see which tab is the offender, but Chrome 66 brings another solution. The updated browser launched yesterday an...


How to use a VPN

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are increasingly essential security tools to keep your data safe and private. Whether for accessing streaming video, blocked social media, or to keep your information protected when using public Wi-Fi, using one has a lot of advantages. It’s definitely a good id...


PUBG Mobile lost its #1 spot in the Android charts to… a bottle flip game?

Impossible Bottle Flip has overtaken PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) at the top of the U.S. Google Play app charts. The free-to-play mobile title, released March 2, has been installed more than a million times. Impossible Bottle Flip is another in a string of one-tap titles to dom...


Looks like Huawei P20 Pro is coming to India next week

After the grand unveil last month in Paris, Huawei is set to bring its latest flagship device, the Huawei P20 Pro, to India. The highlight of the P20 Pro is the triple camera at the back, a first of sorts . The company has sent out save-your-date invites for the launch for April 24, and while the i...


AMD hits back at Nvidia’s alleged ‘anti-competitive conditions’

AMD has taken Nvidia to task over the latter’s partner program for GeForce graphics cards, using a blog post to state that AMD is on the gamers’ side – and that it’s all for promoting freedom of choice in PC gaming – inferring that Nvidia isn’t.In case you missed...


Windows 10 Redstone 4 may be named 'April 2018 Update' at launch

Perhaps all of the leaks and rumors surrounding the name of the next major Windows 10 update have affected Microsoft, as infamous leaker WalkingCat has found a new possible name.Currently known to the world as Windows 10 Redstone 4 (its internal condename), the public name of a Windows 10 revision h...

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