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5 Ways to Play Your Video Games on Any TV, PC, or Mobile Device

Console gaming is awesome, but sometimes you just can’t get the TV to yourself. One option is to move the console into another room; another is to stream the games to your PC, laptop, TV, or mobile device. Didn’t know you could do this? Well, you can, by streaming games across your home...


YouTube TV: Everything you need to know about the TV streaming service

YouTube TV is available now, and it's a brought an absolute reckoning for mainstream cable providers – you know, those guys who hose us with equipment rental fees and HD service when those things should just be free of charge. For far too long, cable contracts have penalized us if we...


Nova Launcher Grabs Update to V6.0 in Beta With a Bunch of Tweaks

Nova Launcher 6.0 is on the way and you can test out its new features if you opt-in to the Nova Launcher beta today. This first 6.0 beta includes changes to everything from adaptive icons to folder background shapes and general app settings. I wouldn’t necessarily say that there are any stando...


Google Contacts Gets a Fresh Coat of White Paint

On the early end of a Google slow rollout? You might see a freshly painted Google Contacts app in your app drawer! Version 3.0 of the app is rolling out today and it’s white af. I wish I could tell you that there were a bunch of other new features, but there aren’t. This is an update tha...


Question of the Day: How has Battery Life Been on Android Pie?

All Pixel, Pixel 2, and Essential owners have now had Android Pie for a good couple of days. We’ve seen some reports from a few that battery life might not be so great so far, though. We’re not sure why that is, but we figured a good comment thread could help us sort through anything you...


eBay has a Fresh 15% Off Everything Deal (Max $100 Off)

Now that Prime Day season has calmed, eBay is back with another 15% off everything sale. They do these regularly and the discount varies, but the basics are this. eBay will slash 15% off almost anything as long as you spend $25. The discount does max out at $100 off, though, so don’t go buying...


T-Mobile’s Next Uncarrier Event Scheduled for August 15

T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere tweeted out a teaser for its next Uncarrier event, scheduled to take place August 15. If you’re not in the know, these Uncarrier events typically have Legere and company announce something that is against the grain with regard to the wireless industry. For exam...


Learn the most in-demand data skill with the ultimate SQL Bootcamp

SQL is the de facto database language used worldwide. It’s heavily involved in everything from web development, to mobile app design, to creating marketing strategies. It’s that versatile. Many top tech names who need to process Big Data use it, such as Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia,...


Google slowly bringing smart display features to smartphones

A feature from the recently-released Lenovo Smart Display is slowly rolling out to smartphones. The feature gives you a visual way to tweak smart home conditions. As of right now, we weren’t able to get the feature working, but that’s kind of par for the course with Google. With the lo...


Android 9.0 Pie update tracker: What we know so far

The next major version of Android, Android 9.0 Pie, has already made its way to the Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL. Google announced this official Android 9.0 update on August 6, 2018, and began rolling it out to Pixel phones the same day. But what about other devices? What will ha...

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