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Microsoft expects to make a lot of money in 2020

January 14, 2020 is a special day for Microsoft and millions of computer users and organizations around the world. It is the day that Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system will receive the last batch of security updates as it reaches end of support on that day. Windows Server 2008 and Windows Serve...


July sets a record for number of $100M+ venture capital rounds

Jason Rowley Contributor Jason Rowley is a venture capital and technology reporter for Crunchbase News. More posts by this contributor WeWork is just one facet of SoftBank’s bet on real estate Inside the rise and reign of supergiant venture cap...


3D-printed (and CNC-milled) guns: Nine questions you were too afraid to ask

Enlarge / Cody Wilson, owner of Defense Distributed company, holds a 3D-printed gun, called the "Liberator," in his factory in Austin, Texas, on August 1, 2018. (credit: KELLY WEST/AFP/Getty Images) By now, you’ve probably seen all the news regarding Defense Distributed, company founder Co...


Hospital superbugs are evolving to survive hand sanitizers

Enlarge / A woman wearing a surgical mask washing her hands with a hand sanitizer. (credit: Getty | Andia) Popular hand sanitizers may be heading the way of antibiotics, according to a study published this week in Science Translational Medicine. Bacteria gathered from two hospitals in Australia...


The Google Camera app is coming to some Chromebooks

The camera app that Google puts on its Pixel phones is one of the best in the business, and now it looks like that same Google camera app is heading to Chrome OS too – it's appeared in the developer channel of the software for the Pixelbook and may well start showing up on other Chromebooks as...


iPhone supplier TSMC shut down factories after virus attack

Chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. shut down several of its factories last night after it its systems were hit by a computer virus, reports Bloomberg. TSMC is the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world, and supplies components for companies like ADM, Apple, Nvidia, and Qualcom...


Larger iPhone X Plus seemingly confirmed by leak in iOS 12 beta

It’s long been rumored that Apple will release a larger “iPhone X Plus” model this fall, but we may have just gotten our best confirmation yet of the new device: a leaked icon found in Apple’s own firmware that seems to shows off the new phone. The image was discovered by not...


All the key news on Apple’s upcoming streaming TV platform

Arriving sometime in 2019 Continue reading…


What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a popular buzz-phrase on the internet, with a Google search revealing 103 million occurrences of the term. Cloud computing refers to delivering on-demand computing services, originally storage, and now more recently processing power and apps, over the internet, with companies usin...


Lenovo’s new ThinkSmart Hub aims to revolutionize videoconferencing

Over at Microsoft’s big Ignite event in Orlando, Lenovo has announced a new all-in-one device for the company meeting room, designed to easily facilitate Skype for Business videoconferencing.The Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 is a Skype Room Systems device, which is simple to set up, and allows for...

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