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Cryptocurrency has been great for GPU makers—that might change soon

Enlarge / Mostly bare shelves in the graphics card case at a Washington, DC, Best Buy in January. (credit: Timothy B. Lee) Nvidia announced its financial results on Thursday, and they were spectacular. For the company's first fiscal quarter—which runs from late January through late April&md...


How a “location API” allows cops to figure out where we all are in real-time

Enlarge (credit: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images) The digital privacy world was rocked late Thursday evening when The New York Times reported on Securus, a prison telecom company that has a service enabling law enforcement officers to locate most American cell phones within seconds. The co...


Check out this surreal chat with Theranos investor who says he’s “thrilled”

Theranos CEO and founder Elizabeth Holmes. (credit: Max Morse for TechCrunch) In yet another jaw-dropping interview that seemed to be broadcast from an alternate universe, venture capitalist Tim Draper tenaciously defended the failed blood testing company Theranos and its disgraced founder and C...


Dealmaster: TCL’s new Roku TVs are here, so the old one is down to $500 today

Enlarge / TCL looks to be clearing out inventory on last year's Roku TVs. TCL has announced a one-day sale that marks its P605 Roku TV down to $500 at Best Buy. The Chinese tech firm says the deal will apply to stock at Best Buy’s retail stores and website, but the discount will only be av...


Flickering screen on your Surface Pro 4? Microsoft will give you a replacement

Ever since the launch of the Surface Pro 4 back in 2015, some models have been afflicted by a flickering screen problem that pretty much ruins the experience of using the device. While some devices have been helped by a software patch, the problem has persisted for a small number of users.Now Micros...


What do we even mean when we say ‘Android’?

The thing that’s given me greatest amusement at this year’s Google I/O has been the number of iPhone users raising an eyebrow at Google’s new focus on digital well-being and openly declaring that Android has leapfrogged iOS. As an avid Android acolyte, my reflexive response has bee...


YouTube now supports HDR video on Apple’s latest iPhones

YouTube has added support for HDR video playback on Apple’s iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus. The iPad Pro also has a display that’s bright and vibrant enough for high dynamic range content, but MacRumors notes that YouTube hasn’t flipped the switch to enable it on there yet. HDR video is m...


Swipe up: How Android P gestures compare to the iPhone X

Android P brings a whole bunch of new updates to Google’s operating system, and one of the biggest is the new, gesture-based interface system. A system that many (including us) have noted is pretty similar on the surface to the one that Apple introduced on the iPhone X last year. Which of cour...


Spotify Stops Promoting “Harmful or Hateful” Artists

Spotify has unveiled a new policy regarding what it terms “hate content and hateful conduct”. This policy will not only see Spotify removing songs and albums from the service, but affect certain artists too. And R. Kelly is the first of those affected artists. Spotify’s New Policie...


5 Private Things Websites Learn About You Without Your Knowledge

Browsing the internet seems like such an innocent activity, doesn’t it? You search Google, visit a few websites, and read interesting information. Would you be surprised to know that websites are collecting lots of information about you as you read? The following five things websites can learn...

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