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Facebook’s new features will come to India first

Three of the new features on the online social media and networking service, Facebook, will be coming to India before they roll to the rest of the world. They mostly focus on Facebook’s camera app, which is embedded into the main app. Voice Posts and access to cloud storage for photos hav...


YouTube Red is Now YouTube Premium, Includes YouTube Music Subscription

As was noted earlier in a post about the launch of YouTube Music and YouTube Music Premium, Google has also re-branded YouTube Red to YouTube Premium. YouTube Premium is a paid tier of YouTube that allows you to watch videos without ads, listen to them in the background, download them, and watch ori...


YouTube Music is Here as Google’s New Music Service

Google just announced YouTube Music in the middle of the night. The timing is weird, but this is indeed Google’s new streaming music service that will be at the forefront of their music push. What the hell is YouTube Music, you ask? It’s basically all of the music you find on YouTube, wi...


Poll: Buying the OnePlus 6?

Once May 22 rolls around, are you planning to buy the OnePlus 6? I already laid out my reasons for labeling this new OnePlus phone as a no brainer, but I’m curious if you agree. Is there enough value there to get OnePlus on your short list? Is the combination of premium hardware, clean and fas...


LG G7 ThinQ: First 10 Things to Do!

We still have a couple of weeks before the G7 ThinQ (seriously, we’re going call it the G7 from now) from LG launches in the US. However, if you’re hoping to get a head start on what to do with this phone once you have it in your own hands, allow me to assist you. In this video, we go ov...


So, the OnePlus 6 Sure Seems Like a No Brainer

I haven’t touched a OnePlus 6 yet and I can already tell you that it would easily be one of two or three phones I’d consider buying. And if you throw out the upcoming Pixel 3, since it is still months away, the OnePlus 6 would probably be the phone I’d slap all the cash down on rig...


Sorry folks, the Nokia X6 is not coming to the US

Nokia The Nokia X6 won’t arrive in the U.S., HMD Global has confirmed. A spokesperson for the company informed us of the news in a brief email yesterday. The Nokia X6 was unveiled on Wednesday in China, and introduces a new design approach for HMD Global, as its first Nokia phone to emp...


It might take 1,000 AI experts to fulfill Samsung’s Bixby vision

Samsung is reportedly looking to increase the number of staff it has working on its Bixby smart assistant. Kim Hyun-seok said the company needs more than 1,000 engineers to fulfill its vision. He also suggested that Samsung could look into making more tech company acquisitions. Samsung has reveale...


Come see the glorious OnePlus 6 Avengers edition in high definition

OnePlus 6 China OnePlus has launched the OnePlus 6 Avengers edition in China. The Avengers: Infinity War tie-in device had previously been teased, but OnePlus China has given us our first proper look at it. It’s based on the most premium OnePlus 6 model, housing 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM, a...


YouTube Music is official, but what will happen to Play Music and YouTube Red?

YouTube YouTube Music has been announced, serving up tracks and YouTube’s music-focused videos in one app. The service is available in a free, ad-supported tier and in a premium $9.99/month option. YouTube Red has been rebranded to YouTube Premium and will now cost $2 more per month. Google...

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