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New study quantifies bitcoin’s ludicrous energy consumption

Enlarge / The bitcoin network uses several times the 1.21 gigawatts required to travel back in time. (credit: Universal Pictures) The bitcoin network is run by miners, computers that maintain the shared transaction ledger called the blockchain. A new study estimates that this process consumes at...


Deadpool 2 review: Not better, but still enough bloody fun for series fans

Enlarge / Ryan Reynolds stars as Deadpool. In this scene, he is shouting at one very weird member of the X-Force. (You'll have to see the film for more info and for any of the jokes, as this review is gloriously spoiler-free!) (credit: 20th Century Fox) Last time Marvel's Deadpool landed on cinem...


Alphabet’s Verily has a “smart diaper“ design that distinguishes pee from poo

Enlarge / What's that kid packin'? (credit: Getty | ullstein bild) Tech companies are always hoping to clear out the competition with their latest wearable. But Alphabet's life sciences division, Verily, is likely expecting a blow-out with this one. The company, formerly known as Google Life Scie...


Senators to DOJ: Reveal your secret paragraph-long explanation of stingrays

Enlarge / Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) speaks to reporters at the US Capitol January 18, 2018 in Washington, DC. (credit: Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images) Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), and Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Ver.) have sent a new letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions aski...


In the lab with Xbox’s new Adaptive Controller, which may change gaming forever

A look inside the Xbox Inclusive Tech Lab as they reveal their new controller with improved accessibility. (Video shot and edited by CNE and Justin Wolfson. Click here for transcript.) REDMOND, Washington—The Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC), slated to launch "later this year," looks...


Intel Cannon Lake is official with first 10nm mobile processor listing

Intel’s 10 nanometer Cannon Lake processors may not see the light of day before 2019, but that hasn’t stopped the firm from stoking the flames of anticipation. The company has officially posted details of just one of its Cannon Lake CPUs for laptops: the Intel Core i3-8121U.This is the v...


Nvidia GTX 1180 Founders Edition looks set to rock PCs in July

It looks like Nvidia’s first GTX 11-series graphics cards will be launching in the next few months, with reports from unnamed sources hinting that the GTX 1180 Founders Edition will arrive in July.This is according to people who have talked to Tom’s Hardware, and if true, it will be arou...


Windows 10 preview toughens up security with stronger vetting of antivirus apps

Microsoft has unleashed another Windows 10 preview build, with only relatively minor changes, but nonetheless there’s an interesting move on the security front.Build 17672 (for Redstone 5, the update due later this year) has been made available to those testers in the ‘skip ahead’...


Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is now on Windows 10's Microsoft Store

Canonical released Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in April, and now the popular Linux distribution is available to download from the Microsoft Store in Windows 10 as a UWP app.Running Linux in Windows 10 as an app may be a bit of a baffling concept, but there is some method to this madness. Ubuntu first came to t...


Apple Pay Launches in Ukraine

Apple Pay launched in Ukraine today. Owners of Apple devices in the country this morning found that they could add credit cards to the mobile payment system, including MasterCard and Visa (via Tehnot). Ukraine's finance minister Oleksandr Danyliuk took to Facebook to herald the launch, which initia...

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