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Apple patent shows Siri providing smart replies when you can’t answer the phone

Apple is exploring ways that Siri could play a helpful role in explaining why you had to decline a phone call. As AppleInsider notes, a new patent shows that by factoring in context (such as your iPhone’s location or whether Do Not Disturb is enabled) and analyzing who the call is from, Siri m...


Apple reportedly partnering with Volkswagen to make self-driving employee shuttles

Apple’s once-ambitious self-driving car project has narrowed even further. The New York Times now reports that the company’s negotiations with German automakers, including BMW and Mercedes, to develop an all-electric self-driving car have fallen through, after both companies refused to l...


Best text to speech software of 2018

Having emerged in the 1970s, text to speech systems could easily be described as a veteran technology. Used in a wide variety of software and hardware products, they’re essentially computer programs that can artificially produce human speech.But there’s no denying the fact that this tech...


The best alternatives to Instapaper 2018

Bookmarking site Instapaper has run into trouble with the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules, and has temporarily shut down operations in Europe until it can get its house in order.Until then, users in Europe will need to look elsewhere for a scrapbook to save text, articles an...


tvOS 12 Wishlist: Features MacRumors Readers Want to See Added to the Apple TV in 2018

At the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple will introduce new versions of iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS, and for those latter two updates, we have no idea what to expect. Historically, Apple hasn't introduced major changes in its tvOS updates, but the operating system is still new and t...


Amazon's Alexa Recorded a Woman's Private Conversation and Sent it to a Contact

A woman in Portland recently had an alarming experience with her Alexa-enabled devices after a private conversation was recorded and sent to a random contact, according to a news report from Seattle's Kiro7 news. The woman, Danielle, and her family had Amazon devices situated in each room for home...


Unprotected T-Mobile API Let Anyone Get Customer Data With Just a Phone Number

A security vulnerability in T-Mobile's website let anyone gain access to the personal details of any T-Mobile customer using just a phone number, reports ZDNet. An internal T-Mobile employee tool, promotool.t-mobile.com, had a hidden API that provided T-Mobile customer data when a customer's cell p...


CCleaner update introduces Privacy options

The most recent version of CCleaner, a popular temporary file cleaning software for Windows, includes a new Privacy page that aims to give users of the application control over the program's data collection and integration of offers. CCleaner build 5.43.6520 was released on May 23, 2018. The new ver...


How to remove Open With programs in Windows

Open With is a useful feature of the Windows operating system that allows you to open files with different programs from Explorer. While you can map a file type such as zip to a program so that it gets opened whenever you double-click on a file of that type, you can also right-click on files and sel...


Nokia Sleep

It’s all well and good improving your step count, exercising lots and eating right, but it’s now commonly understood that you also need to make sure you're getting good quality sleep in order to be as healthy as can be.More and more people are starting to realize this, and that’s w...

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