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What exactly are “preppers” prepping for?

Enlarge / For a prepper, this is badly undergoing it. (credit: California Public Health) "Prepping," or getting ready to live without societal support, is apparently a largely American activity, and a recent one. Companies that cater to people who want to be self-reliant for food, water, and powe...


These clever students have turned the Camaro into a hybrid sports car

EcoCAR 3 / Flickr Ever looked at your car and thought "I bet I could improve its engineering"? That's the challenge for the student teams that participate in EcoCAR 3, a competition sponsored by General Motors a...


Rocket report: China goes lunar, Antares flies, and a 140-ton Sea Serpent

Enlarge / We need your help to produce a new newsletter to chronicle the dynamic launch industry. (credit: Aurich Lawson/background image United Launch Alliance) Welcome to the first edition of the Rocket Report! This collaborative effort with readers of Ars Technica seeks to diversify our covera...


Intel’s rumored octa-core Coffee Lake-S CPU gets even faster

Earlier this week, we reported that Intel’s rumored first octa-core processor appeared with a 2.6GHz base frequency, but this forthcoming Coffee Lake-S chip might be faster after all.Intel's eight-core CPU appeared in again in the SiSoft Sandra database running at a significantly faster 3.1GHz...


Neato Botvac Connected

Neato may not be the biggest name in robot vacuum cleaners, but it is one of the best, and one of the biggest difficulties facing anyone considering purchasing one of its devices is the sheer amount on offer.There are a number of different vacuum cleaners from the manufacturer that sit in the &lsquo...


NBN Co has cancelled its 100Mbps fixed-wireless service

There was great news for the thousands of end users connected to the NBN's fixed wireless connection last year, when NBN Co announced that they’d see their data quota for each month doubled. A year on and the national broadband service’s CEO, Bill Morrow, has revealed that the company wi...


Shared hosting vs VPS hosting: Which package should I choose?

To build and launch a live website, one of the first things you will need is a domain name and web hosting. A domain name allows people to find you on the internet. The web hosting provides the storage and processes to load your actual website.When looking at web hosting packages, there are many opt...


Report: Essential Cancels Next Phone as Company is Put Up for Sale (Updated)

Oh no, the end for Essential as we know it may be near, guys. According to a report out of Bloomberg, Essential has canceled the Essential Phone 2 and is looking to sell itself. The report says that Essential has hired Credit Suisse Group AG to advise on a potential sale and may already have in...


VPNhub is a Free VPN Service From Your Friends at Pornhub

This isn’t a joke – Pornhub, the site you’ll probably deny knowing about as you read this, launched a free VPN service today on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Seriously, they did! It’s called VPNhub and it’s not just a porn masker, although, one could use it for just t...


Samsung Teams With Disney Again to Offer ‘Incredibles’ for AR Emoji

Yay, new AR Emoji content! Samsung announced this week that it has partnered with Disney yet again to offer a new pack of goods to owners of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. With this new Incredibles pack, you can turn yourself into Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack, and Super Fr...

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