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Google teams up with PayPal, making it easier to splash out on apps

Google has teamed up with PayPal, making it easier to splash your cash on premium apps and services (like the new YouTube Music, for example).It's been possible to flex your credit cards through Android Pay for a while now, but the PayPal collaboration means this will now be offered as a payment opt...


DEAL: Get a Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm Starter Kit for $30 Off, Down to $199

Nanoleaf Aurora, one of my favorite smart lighting systems on the market, is currently on sale at Best Buy thanks to Memorial Day. With the promotion, Best Buy is listing a Rhythm Starter Kit for $30 off its usual price, bringing it down to $199. Included in the Rhythm kit are nine LED Panels for st...


Essential Pushing Update to Android P Beta Users, Fixes Cellular Issues and More

Essential is in the process of sending out an update via OTA to users of the Android P beta, something we weren’t quite expecting today. Earlier this week, it was reported that Essential has essentially cancelled any plans for an Essential Phone 2, which was confirmed later by Andy Rubin. For...


Great: Ads Showing Up in the Google Feed

As if the Google Feed, formerly known as Google Now, couldn’t fall further into the hole of questionable Google decisions that ruin perfectly great products, some users are now seeing ads in-between article cards. Great! Exactly what we were looking for. We aren’t seeing ads in our Googl...


Podcast: Swimming in Phones

On this episode of the Droid Life Show, we’re back to talk about this week’s big phone announcement of the HTC U12+. Does it stand a chance? How good is it? Should you buy one? We’ll tackle all of that after spending some time with the phone earlier in the week. After that, we want...


Pioneer’s New In-Dash Receivers Support Wireless Android Auto, Start at $699

Pioneer announced a new lineup on in-dash receivers last night, all of which support Android Auto. Not only do they support Google’s mobile platform for cars, but they support it wirelessly, meaning there is no need to always plug your phone into your vehicle to initiate Android Auto. For mode...


Deal: Get Amazon’s refurbished Fire tablets for as low as $35

As far as affordable Android tablets go, Amazon’s Fire tablets have been safe bets for over five years. That continues to be the case with the Fire 7 and Fire HD 8, Amazon’s most affordable tablets that currently go for even lower prices if you opt for their refurbished versions. From n...


LG leads the pack at Display Week 2018

Display Week is here, and vendors are showcasing a ton of weird and incredibly niche display technologies for almost any use case. While there are hundreds of vendors lined up at this show, LG is the one company that is quite obviously leading the charge of what’s possible in a screen. LG i...


For the first time, Netflix beats Disney as the most profitable entertainment company

For the first time ever, Netflix is the world’s most valuable entertainment company, sending Disney down to second place. Netflix valuation on the stock market today was $153 billion, compared to Disney’s $152 billion. The tables might turn when Disney releases its own in-home streamin...


Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. Samsung Galaxy S9 battery life

Samsung Galaxy S9 (right), Galaxy S8 (left) If you’re on the fence about upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus from your S8 or S8 Plus, you’ll want to know what the difference in battery life will be like. Now that we’re taking deeper dives on the products we review, we can...

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