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HP’s ZBook x2: It’s powerful, it’s specialized, and it’s very expensive

Enlarge / HP ZBook x2. (credit: Peter Bright) Since Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 proved that there was a market for tablet-sized PCs sporting detachable keyboards, we've seen an abundance of minor variations of the concept from the major PC OEMs. For the most part, they've stuck pretty close to Micr...


Delayed MacBook delivery dates could point to a WWDC 2018 refresh

Apple holds its Worldwide Developers Conference every year, and with WWDC 2018 kicking off on June 4, there's plenty of speculation about what Apple might have in store for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. It turns out we might just get some new hardware too.As Apple-centric sites including AppleInside...


UK Deals of the Week: £100 off Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch, Honor 7X for £209

Welcome to your weekly round-up of the best U.K. deals of the week for Android phones, network plans, accessories, smart home tech, and a little of whatever else is on offer in the world of mobile.Editor's PickBest smartwatches (May 2018)Smartwatches are still a very new thing to a lot of people, a...


Blu is selling a dumb smartwatch (or is it a smart fitness tracker?) for $50

Blu The Blu X Link watch has an introductory price of $50, but lacks the WearOS platform. Blu’s watch might not have an app store, but it does have cellular connectivity via 2G networks. The wearable also offers a heart rate monitor, pedometer, and sleep tracking functionality. If your name...


Deal of the day: 45% Off Fader Stealth self-flying drone

To celebrate the holiday weekend, we thought we’d ease up on the deals you need, and bring you something you might want. Today we’re spotlighting a double price drop on the Fader Stealth Drone. This alluring little quadcopter flies straight out of the box, and comes with a gaming cont...


Let’s take a look at the new YouTube Music (hands-on)

The new YouTube Music is out. We’ve heard about this a ton over the last year. It’s going to eventually replace Google Play Music in Google’s lineup and, unlike its predecessor, it links directly to YouTube in a ton of ways. It’s one of Google’s more ambitious releas...


Apple will start reporting government requests to remove apps from the App Store

Apple issued one of its bi-annual transparency reports today, and apart from the usual numbers on account takedown requests, the company issued a statement saying that it’ll soon start reporting government requests to take down apps from the App Store. These requests will relate to alleged leg...


Apple is offering a free month of iCloud storage instead of just giving everybody a useable amount

It’s a common enough problem for iOS users: you’re backing up your phone’s pictures, when suddenly, that dreaded pop-up message appears: “You do not have enough space in iCloud to back up your iPhone.” But don’t worry, Apple is here to help. It’s offering a...


Apple rejects Valve’s Steam Link game streaming app over ‘business conflicts’

Valve’s game streaming service Steam Link won’t be coming to iOS today, despite a successful Android beta launch earlier this month. According to the official Steam Database Twitter account, Apple rejected the Steam Link app over apparent “business conflicts with app guidelines.&rd...


Best property management software of 2018

If there’s one market that always seems to be growing, it’s real-estate. According to research from Savills, the industry grew from $217 trillion (£162 trillion) in 2016 to $228 trillion (£171 trillion) in 2017. That represents growth of 5%.   The sector is also pre...

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