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Apple Podcasts Tops 555,000 Different Active Shows

Apple's Podcasts service now hosts more than 18.5 million episodes across 555,000 different "active" shows, according to a report from TechCrunch. The podcast stats, which appears to have been sent directly to TechCrunch by Apple, include other data as well. Apple's hosted podcasts come in more th...


Color is a new Firefox Test Pilot Experiment

Mozilla launched the Test Pilot experiments Color and Side View yesterday officially; I reviewed Side View, an extension to display any link or open tab in the Firefox sidebar, yesterday already. Today, I'm going to take a look at the second Test Pilot experiment Color. Color is an interesting exper...


Microsoft Office June 2018 Non-Security Updates overview

Microsoft released updates for Office 2013 and Office 2016 on yesterday's Office non-security Patch Day. The company releases non-security updates for Microsoft Office on the first Tuesday of the month; security updates follow a week later on Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of the month. Microsoft...


Netflix allows you to request movies and shows but nobody seems to know about it

Netflix has a ‘request a title’ form on its help page. Nope, we didn't know this either but it's there and we should all be using it.The page was tweeted out by the official Netflix Philippines account, when someone queried why comedian and Brooklyn 99 alumni Chelsea Peretti wasn't on th...


Lenovo’s Smart Displays With Google Assistant Up for Pre-Order With Reduced Pricing From CES

The first Google Assistant-powered smart displays from companies like LG, Lenovo, and JBL are supposed to arrive in July. At least that’s what Google told us at Google I/O a few weeks ago. If the new B&H Photo pre-order listings for the Lenovo’s smart displays are anything to go by,...


Report: ZTE’s US Ban is Almost Over After They Pay Heavy Fine, Replace Board

A month ago, we reported that ZTE was on life support and had decided to mostly pause operations after being given a hefty ban from the US government over lies it told as a part of a previous agreement stemming from related illegal shipments of products to Iran. I know, that’s a mouthful of de...


Camera Shootout: OnePlus 6 vs. LG G7 vs. Pixel 2 XL

I recently took a long road trip, one of the best times to put a smartphone camera to the test. Because we have a few new phones out on the market, namely the OnePlus 6 and LG G7, I figured I’d bring them along and see how they stack up to the Pixel 2 XL. I still consider Google’s flagsh...


Is Your Pixel 2 XL Slow to Wake After June’s Update? (Updated)

If you grabbed the Pixel 2 XL’s June security patch yesterday and have noticed that your phone might be waking a bit slower than usual, you are not alone. A reader pointed us to an Issue Tracker thread that was started yesterday evening related to just that, and Google is already looking into...


Project Fi Lets You Add Kids Under 13 to Your Family Plan

Project Fi opened up its family plans to the whole family today. Starting now, you can add everyone in the clan, including kids under the age of 13 to your Fi plan. With a family plan on Project Fi, you can keep an eye on the amount of data your kids are using, set data alerts, and show them how muc...


Hour-long videos could be about to make Instagram a lot less instant

Instagram could be set to let users upload videos of up to an hour in length. This is a huge increase on the current maximum length of 60 seconds. This would likely let Instagram sell more ads on its videos. Instagram is considering launching a feature that would let users upload videos of up to a...

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