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How to use a Ram Disk in Windows

You may install a Ram disk on your Windows PC to improve performance, maintenance, and privacy on the device. Ram disks can best be described as memory-based drives that act just like any other hard drive on the system for the most part. You can install programs on RAM disks or use it to store tempo...


More than 2 million jobseekers potentially exposed in global PageUp data breach

PageUp, an Australia-based software company, has revealed that its IT systems were breached in late May of this year, potentially compromising the personal data of over two million customers worldwide.The company is responsible for producing cloud-based HR software for recruitment companies across 1...


Xiaomi Mi A2: All the rumors in one place

This post will be updated regularly as we take a closer look at the latest rumors surrounding the upcoming Xiaomi Mi A2. After the reveal of the Mi Mix 2S and Mi 8, the next phone from Xiaomi that will grab headlines is expected to be the Mi A2. The smartphone will likely stick to the same recipe a...


MSI App Player brings Android games to MSI computers

The MSI App Player, essentially a version of the BlueStacks Android app player, is coming to MSI computers. MSI is positioning the program as a better way to play Android games. The news comes after many PUBG Mobile players adopted a keyboard and mouse in order to gain an advantage over touchscree...


The OnePlus 6 Silk White edition coming June 5 for $579 (Update: Sold out! Back in stock June 12)

Update, 06/07/2018: The OnePlus 6 Silk White edition has sold out after going on sale June 5. We expected that the go out of stock soon after release — special edition OnePlus devices tend to do so — but it will return to oneplus.com on June 12 at 10AM BST. If you’re int...


MalwareTech says 4 new criminal charges are “bullsh*t”

Enlarge / Marcus Hutchins (R) the British cyber security expert accused of creating and selling malware that steals banking passwords arrives with his lawyers Marcia Homann (L) and Brian Klein (R) at US Federal Courthouse on August 14, 2017 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (credit: JOSHUA LOTT/AFP/Getty Im...


Three months later, a mass exploit of powerful Web servers continues

Enlarge (credit: Malwarebytes) More than 115,000 websites—many run by major universities, government organizations, and media companies—remained wide open to hacker takeovers because they hadn’t installed critical patches released 10 weeks ago, security researcher Troy Mursch sa...


30,000-year-old jawbone records tough diet in Pleistocene Southeast Asia

Enlarge / Two human mandibles from Niah Caves in Borneo; the top jaw is 30,000 years old, and the bottom jaw 11,000 years old. (credit: Darren Curnoe) Life wasn't easy for the first humans to settle in the islands of Southeast Asia. The rain forest was a completely new environment for people in t...


Apple Maps embeds have come to web browsers in beta

You may now start to see Apple Maps embeds in websites around the internet, as Apple has opened up a web-based API for developers in beta, it announced today at WWDC. In the past, Apple has embedded maps on some of its websites like iCloud.com’s Find My iPhone page or the Apple Store site. But...


Apple revises App Store rules after rejecting Valve’s game streaming Steam Link app

Apple quietly updated its App Store guidelines on Monday, while the keynote address of WWDC was happening in San Jose, to allow for mobile apps like Valve’s Steam Link game streaming service, according to Reuters. Steam owner Valve said last week Apple had initially rejected Steam Link, which...

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