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Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'Privacy is a Fundamental Human Right'

Apple CEO Tim Cook this evening sat down for an exclusive interview with CNN's Laurie Segall, where he discussed everything from his iPhone usage habits to the importance of privacy. On the subject of device usage, Cook says that when he started using the new Screen Time feature built into iOS 12,...


Ghacks Deals: Pay What You Want: Graphics & FX Mastery Bundle

Pay What You Want: Graphics & FX Mastery Bundle is a new eLearning bundle that is all about game development, graphics and special effects. It is a Pay What You Want Bundle which means that you will get two of the eight courses if you pay at least $1 and all eight of the courses if you beat the...


GOG Galaxy review

GOG Galaxy is a gaming client for PC and MAC OS X by GOG. Unlike Steam, it is completely optional for GOG customers who can download and play purchased games without the program as well. If I had to pick a games store on the Internet, I'd select GOG over any other store out there because of its stan...


Grab drivers in Southeast Asia are now convenience stores, too

Drivers of Southeast Asia-based Grab can now become mini convenience stores. That’s because the ride-hailing company, which bought out rival Uber’s local business earlier this year, has teamed up with U.S. startup Cargo to sell a selection of items to passengers during their...


Motorway raises £2.75M seed funding to help you sell your car

If you thought price comparison type online marketplaces were a done deal, you’re clearly mistaken. Motorway, a new startup from the team behind Top10 — the mobile and broadband comparison site that exited to uSwitch in 2011 — are back again, and this time they want to make it infi...


ASUS’ new ZenBook Pro features a 5.5-inch touchscreen instead of a touchpad

The ASUS event today at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan had three main hooks: health, ergonomics and, most importantly, second screens. The headliner was the premium ZenBook Pro 14 and 15 (pictured above), the latest versions of ASUS’ premium notebook that feature a touchscreen where the touchpad...


Onrush game review: Sexy arcade racing in serious need of a tune-up

Codemasters Evo There's a lot to love about a quick glance at the arcade-combat racing of Onrush. Its blistering speed, giant-jump racetracks, and shrapnel-spewing four-wheelers impress instantly both in screen...


A host of new security enhancements is coming to iOS and macOS

(credit: Nathan Mattise) Apple on Monday previewed a variety of security and privacy features it plans to add to macOS and iOS operating systems, including encrypted Facetime group calls, password-management tools, and camera and microphone protections. The company also released a beta version of...


Everyone complaining about Microsoft buying GitHub needs to offer a better solution

Enlarge (credit: Microsoft) Microsoft is buying GitHub for $7.5 billion dollars, and predictably, there's a developer backlash. GitHub, though notionally a for-profit company, has become an essential, integral part of the open-source community. GitHub offers free hosting for open-source projects...


Flight-sim maker threatens legal action over Reddit posts discussing DRM

Enlarge (credit: FlightSimLabs) The last time FlightSimLabs made news outside of the insular community of high-end flight simulator fans, it was for some invasive password-extractor malware included with a recent add-on package as an ostensible "anti-piracy" measure. Today, the company is again m...

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