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Apple’s Create ML is a nice feature with an unclear purpose

Apple announced a new feature for developers today called Create ML. Because machine learning is a commonly used tool in the developer kit these days, it makes sense that Apple would want to improve the process. But what it has here, essentially local training, doesn’t seem particularly usefu...


Apple to bring iOS apps to macOS

Today at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, Craig Federighi, SVP, Software Engineering, announced Apple is working to bring the best of the iPhone to the Mac. But this will not happen overnight, Federighi basically said. This is a multi-year project, he stressed, adding the first iO...


Apple aims to simplify the Mac App Store with a redesign

Apple is rolling out a redesign of the Mac App Store to bring it more in line with some of the experiences it’s focused on with the iOS App Store, which the company showed at its annual developer conference today. Apple is following-up on a redesign of the App Store on the iPhone, which change...


Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire review: Oh, the places you’ll plunder

Enlarge / Deadfire's presentation feels improved in nearly every way over its predecessor. My sword really likes being stabbed into people. I know this because she (he? it?) told me so. Her name is Modwyr, and she only stops insulting me when the conversation turns toward potential violence. It&...


Apple announces macOS 10.14 “Mojave”

Enlarge SAN JOSE—Apple detailed its next major operating-system update at its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote today: macOS 10.14, which the company has named "Mojave" in keeping with its California-based naming convention. Tim Cook told the audience that MacOS included a lot of new...


Apple TV 4K to receive Dolby Atmos support

(credit: Valentina Palladino) SAN JOSE—Apple announced tvOS updates on the WWDC stage, though the company didn't confirm whether these features amount to a whole new version number. No huge changes mark the latest version of tvOS, but Apple did include support for Dolby Atmos surround sound...


watchOS 5 debuts with health and fitness tweaks

Apple is announcing watchOS 5, a major update to its smartwatch platform. The update puts a big focus on new fitness and health features. You can now challenge any of your friends to a seven-day exercise competition, which will compare your tra...


How to protect yourself from megabreaches like the one that hit Ticketfly

Enlarge (credit: Lisa Brewster / Flickr) A recent hack of ticket-distribution website Ticketfly exposed more than 26 million email addresses, along with home addresses, phone numbers, and first and last names, according to the Have I Been Pwned breach notification service. The intrusion provides...


Asus’ insane gaming phone has 3 USB ports, clip-on cooling fan

Asus After the Razer phone, Sony Xperia Play, and I guess the Nokia N-Gage, someone is trying to make a gaming smartphone again. This time it's Asus, which has tapped its PC gaming sub-brand, "Republic of Gamers,...


Doctor Who regenerates on to the iPlayer: the last 10 series available to stream

The BBC has added the last 10 series of Doctor Who to the iPlayer, to get you in the mood for the new series that's set to hit televisions later this year. They will be ready to stream on the iPlayer from 12pm, 4th of June.Just a week after Twitch announced that it will be streaming 500 classic epis...

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