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Facebook finally monetizes Marketplace with ads from users and brands

20 months after launching its Craigslist competitor Marketplace and relentlessly promoting it with placement in the main navigation bar, Facebook will start earning money off its classifieds section. Facebook today begins testing Marketplace ads in the U.S. that let average users pay to “Boos...


Four years after its release, Kubernetes has come a long way

On June 6th, 2014 Kubernetes was released for the first time. At the time, nobody could have predicted that 4 years later that the project would become a de facto standard for container orchestration or that the biggest tech companies in the world would be backing it. That would come later. If you...


Sonos announces the $399 Beam, a cheaper home theater smart speaker

Today, at a special event in San Francisco, Sonos announced a compact home theater smart speaker, the Sonos Beam. The cheaper $399 device boasts a much smaller footprint than its previous home theater products; the company says Beam is 60 percent smaller and 28 percent shorter than the Playbas...


Steam updates game-content guidelines, will include “something that you hate”

(credit: Valve Software) Steam, the long-running PC games marketplace operated by Valve Software, has consistently run into issues with approved and restricted content, and arguments about those guidelines have heated up in recent weeks. After Valve removed various "ero" games, then approved...


Waymo announces 7 million miles of testing, putting it far ahead of rivals

Enlarge (credit: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) A Waymo executive announced on Tuesday that the company's self-driving car fleet would reach 7 million miles of testing this week. "We've amassed close to 7 million miles—we'll hit 7 million miles this week," said Shaun Stewart, Waymo's director o...


Sonos launches a new mini soundbar, pegs AirPlay 2 support for July

Sonos Sonos on Wednesday announced the Beam, a soundbar for living rooms with smart-speaker functionality similar to that of the company’s Sonos One speaker. The popular audio manufacturer announced the Be...


More evidence that the Universe is making lots of massive stars

Enlarge / A starburst galaxy, which produces stars at a high rate. (credit: NASA) The size of a star determines its ultimate fate. The smallest stars will burn lighter elements for tens of billions of years; stars like the Sun will make some heavier elements before shrinking into white dwarfs; an...


AMD unveils Threadripper 2: Up to 32 cores, 64 threads, for an enthusiast chip

Enlarge (credit: AMD) AMD's Threadripper platform gave a hefty boost to the high-end desktop (HEDT) market: 16 cores and 32 threads using AMD's Zen architecture. Today, AMD announced the second generation of Threadripper: it's twice as big again, with up to 32 cores and 64 threads, and it u...


Bay Area: Join us 6/13 to discuss the past, present, and future of tech law

Enlarge / Cyrus Farivar will talk about the history of tech law, and Annalee Newitz will speculate about where these laws lead us in the future. Tech history is an endless tug-of-war between new innovations and old laws. But behind this legal machine are often bizarre court cases full of petty c...


Apple Pulls watchOS 5 Beta 1 From Developer Portal After Reports of Bricked Devices

Apple appears to have temporarily pulled the first watchOS 5 beta from its website after some users reported cases of the software bricking Apple Watch devices. Several users on the MacRumors forums and over on Reddit have expressed problems trying to get the software onto their devices, with freez...

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