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Intel’s 28-core 5GHZ processor could cost $10,000

Intel certainly impressed us at Computex 2018 when it showed off a new processor that features an incredible 28 cores clocked at 5GHz – and now we’ve seen more details about this monster CPU.The vast majority of processors that most people use in their PCs feature four cores, so we alway...


10 Safari Browser Tips for Boosting Speed and Performance

Safari generally provides the fastest and most efficient browsing experience for Mac users. Apple puts a lot of work into optimizing the browser’s performance and energy consumption specifically for Apple hardware. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always hold up over time. Safari can become s...


5 of the Best Ways to Play Retro Games on Linux

Retro gaming is growing increasingly popular, but are you using the right platform for it? Well, if you’re not using Linux, then the answer is a resounding “No!” Whether you’re looking for ways to enjoy classic MS-DOS PC games or relive wonderful 8-bit games from your childho...


Microsoft Just Bought GitHub: Pros, Cons, and What It Means for You

Microsoft has acquired GitHub in a $7.5 billion stock deal, prompting the entire programming community to catch fire and speculate wildly. Depending on who you ask, this is either the end of days or a bright new beginning for modern programmers. While GitHub caters overwhelmingly to coders, it is al...


What Is Offline Video Editing? How to Edit 4K Videos on Weak Hardware

If you have a 4K-capable camera or smartphone, it makes a lot of sense to shoot all your videos in 4K quality. The added resolution gives you more options when editing your footage, and it’ll still look great in years when 1080p is old news. But you might not be able to edit high-resolution vi...


5 Best Apple Pencil Alternatives for iPads and iPhones

For anyone with an iPad Pro, or the latest iPad model with a focus on education, the Apple Pencil is hard to beat. The optional device is a great way to create art, or even take notes, using a number of great features not available to any other stylus. This is thanks to Apple’s grasp on both t...


Essential’s Next Mod is the Audio Adapter HD That Brings a 3.5mm Jack, Hi-Res Audio

Essential, along with its MQA audio announcement, has unveiled their first adapter since that original 360 camera. This summer, they’ll release the Audio Adapter HD, a mod that attaches to the Essential Phone’s pins to deliver high quality audio. According to a blog post from Essential,...


AT&T is Raising Prices on $40 Grandfathered Unlimited Plans

Come July, AT&T will be raising the price of their grandfathered unlimited data plans by $5 per month. That will take the price from $40 per month to $45 per month. Why the increase? Because “consumers are using mobile data at record levels,” AT&T says. In order to keep their net...


Essential Phone Picks Up MQA Audio Enhancements for Tidal HiFi Users (Updated)

Made official this morning, Essential Phone owners have just picked up MQA audio support for the Tidal application. Before you ask me wtf MQA is, it’s Master Quality Authenticated, which means it’s as close to the original master of the audio recording as you can get without being i...


Oh No, Does the Pixel 3 XL Have a Full Glass Back?

We’re still taking in everything that might be revealed in this supposed Google Pixel 3 XL prototype, but one thing that has us worried at the moment is the possibility of an all-glass backside. It sure looks like this Pixel 3 XL has simply been painted with a matte finish on the lower portion...

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