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Best Bitcoin wallet

Once you’ve bought Bitcoins (BTC) or other cryptocurrencies via an exchange (like Bitstamp), if you plan to spend your cryptocurrency right away, you can do so directly from the exchange. If you prefer to hang on to your digital assets, you'll need a secure wallet to which you can transfer you...


Vivo’s “Truly Bezel-Less” Phone With Pop-Up Camera is a Refreshing Look at the Future

Vivo, a Chinese company who we have basically dubbed the “New Hype King,” based on a number of press releases where they claim to be the first at something, show off a new technology before anyone else (and before it’s ready for real-world use), and send four-too-many teasers for a...


Google will fix the Pixel 2 XL’s slow-to-wake bug in a few weeks (Updated)

  Update (06/12): Google posted an official response to users on the r/GooglePixel Reddit thread. The company has identified a fix, and will roll out an update in the coming weeks. We are aware that some Pixel 2 XL users are experiencing occasional delays with wake ups. We have now identified...


Vivo Nex hands-on: Welcome to the all-screen future

The day many of us have been waiting for has finally arrived: the truly bezel-free smartphone is here. Sort of. Until now, many have tried, and many have failed, with the much-maligned “notch” emerging as the compromised offspring of those failed attempts to rid the smartphone of beze...


Google Home can now understand 3 queries at a time, or so Google says

Google tweeted yesterday that you can now issue Google Home three queries at once. However, we couldn’t get the new feature to work, which suggests a slow rollout to the new ability. Curiously, we did get another new feature to work, which Google has yet to announce. At Google I/O 2018, Goog...


Get trained in Amazon Web Services to start making real IT money

As you probably guessed from the the title, today’s deal pick is another great opportunity for you to get out of the rat race. Well, at least to join a different and much more lucrative rat race anyway. Today’s first-class ticket to a brighter future is the Amazon Web Services Tech...


Steam vs GOG vs GreenManGaming: which is best for PC gamers?

These days, when you’re looking for the best deal on the best PC games, you have hundreds of online retailers to choose from. These range from mainstream, dependable clients trusted by millions of customers to shady key re-sellers that make you feel like you’re in the seedy underbelly of...


BackBeat GO 600

How do you make a decent pair of Bluetooth headphones for an affordable price? The BackBeat GO 600 Series aim to answer that question, offering a solid, mid-range product with wireless functionality that won’t break the bank.The GO 600 Series build on last year’s BackBeat 500 Series, whi...


Spanish soccer app caught using microphone and GPS to snoop

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why an app is requesting microphone access when there doesn’t seem to be any logical reason why it should need to snoop on the sounds from your surroundings, hold that thought — and take a closer look at the T&Cs. Because it might turn ou...


Uber bets on developing world growth with low-data Uber Lite

“The next hundreds of millions of riders for us are going to come from outside of the United States”, Uber’s head of rider experience Peter Deng tells me. The transportation giant already sees 75 million riders per month and 15 million rides per day. But to grow in the developing...

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