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Apple and Google are heading in the same direction but on different paths

Developer conference season is behind us, leaving in its wake a huge pile of software updates to come, promises of fancy features, and a slightly clearer direction for where the computer platforms we use every day are going. The last of them is always Apple’s WWDC, and this year, I was struck...


Apple drew up a patent for a new kind of blood pressure monitor

Two years ago, a handful of Apple employees dreamed up a device that would take the company beyond the world of healthcare apps, and into healthcare products. That device isn’t the Apple Watch, at least not yet. Instead, it seems to be a device whose function could very well be rolled into fut...


The future of the Mac comes from iOS apps

Apple made a big splash at WWDC this year when it announced that it would be letting developers port their iOS applications over to the Mac sometime next year — and that Apple had already started the process by bringing over the iOS versions of the Home, Stocks, News, and Voice Memo apps to ma...


The best laptops for DJ in 2018

If you’re a DJ, or even an aspiring music producer, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve gathered together all the best laptops for music production.If you’re looking for the best laptop for music production, you’ll want to look for the best processor and as much RA...


Zoetrope effect could render Hyperloop tubes transparent to riders

An optical illusion popular in the 19th century could make trips on the Hyperloop appear to take place in a transparent tube. Regularly spaced, narrow windows wouldn’t offer much of a view individually, but if dozens of them pass by every second an effect would be created like that of a zoetro...


Why Microsoft wants to put data centers at the bottom of the ocean

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced the second phase of Project Natick, a research experiment that aims to understand the benefits and challenges of deploying large-scale data centers under water. In this second phase, the team sank a tank the size of a shipping container with numerous server ra...


IBM and the DoE launch the world’s fastest supercomputer

IBM and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) today unveiled Summit, the department’s newest supercomputer. IBM claims that Summit is currently the world’s “most powerful and smartest scientific supercomputer” with a peak performance of a...


Workday acquires Rallyteam to fuel machine learning efforts

Sometimes you acquire a company for the assets and sometimes you do it for the talent. Today Workday announced it was buying Rallyteam, a San Francisco startup that helps companies keep talented employees by matching them with more challenging opportunities in-house. The companies did not share the...


In a blow to e-voting critics, Brazil suspends use of all paper ballots

Enlarge / An electronic voting machine used in Brazil. (credit: Aranha et al.) In a blow to electronic-voting critics, Brazil’s Supreme Court has suspended the use of all paper ballots in this year's elections. The ruling means that only electronic ballot boxes will be used, and there will...


Intel isn’t going to be launching a 28-core 5GHz processor this year after all

Enlarge / This is a 10-core Skylake-X processor. It uses the low core count (LCC) version of the Skylake-SP die. (credit: Fritzchens Fritz) Earlier this week, Intel showed off a product coming in the fourth quarter of this year: an enthusiast-oriented 28-core processor running all cores at 5GHz....

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