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Twitter will emphasize live news and events in your feed, as part of ‘transformation’

Twitter will now emphasize Twitter live news and live events in your newsfeed. There will also be push notifications about live happenings that Twitter thinks you are interested in. This is part of a new, larger strategy focused on the “transformation” of Twitter. It’s no secret...


This AR guppy feeds on the spectrum of human emotion

Indiecade always offers a nice respite from the wall of undulating human flesh and heat that is the rest of the E3 show floor. The loose confederation of independent developers often produces compelling and bizarre gaming experiences outside of the big studio system. TendAR is the most compelling ex...


Uber brings on Facebook product director to lead driver product

Uber has brought on Daniel Danker to serve as a senior director and head of driver product. Prior to joining Uber, he was a product director at Facebook responsible for video and Facebook Live. “Drivers are the heart of the Uber experience, and Daniel’s passion for our mission an...


Here’s what having the biggest game of the year looks like at E3

For all of the beautiful photo-realistic titles shown off at E3 this year, for all the mind-bending storylines and beautiful art styles, it seems that nobody can stop thinking about Fortnite. The battle royale title has picked up users at break-neck speeds, announcing yesterday that it now has 125 m...


Musical.ly kills its standalone live-streaming app Live.ly

Musical.ly is merging the functionality from its two-year old live-streaming platform Live.ly into its main app, and has disabled Live.ly’s standalone app as part of the transition process. The Live.ly app will eventually be pulled from the App Store and Google Play, the company confirmed to...


Comcast offers $65 billion for Fox, says government won’t stop merger

(credit: Comcast) Comcast today made a $65 billion offer to buy major portions of 21st Century Fox, setting up a potential bidding war with Walt Disney Company. Disney already struck a $52.4 billion all-stock deal to buy the Fox properties, but Comcast announced that it is making an all-cash offe...


Massive Martian dust storm has put Opportunity rover in a low-power sleep

Enlarge / The vanishing Sun, progressively obscured by the dust storm on Mars. (credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/TAMU) Over the weekend, NASA declared a spacecraft emergency for its remarkably durable rover Opportunity. The culprit? A dust storm blocked out a record amount of sunlight on the Martian surf...


Volkswagen Group will pay another $1.2 billion in Germany over diesel scandal

Enlarge (credit: Alexander Koerner / Stringer / Getty Images) A German court fined Volkswagen Group €1 billion ($1.2 billion) this week for its role in the 2015 diesel scandal. The fine is among the largest imposed on a company in Germany's history, according to the prosecutor in the case,...


Latest estimate shows how much Antarctic ice has fallen into the sea

Enlarge (credit: NASA/James Yungel) The frozen continent of Antarctica holds a lot of ice. Like, a lot of ice. So finding out how much of it is melting into the oceans—raising sea level—and how much will melt in the future is a huge task. Not only do we need comprehensive measurements...


The Joy of Sleeping: Bob Ross recordings recast as bedtime audio series

Enlarge / TV painting instructor/artist Bob Ross using a large paint brush to touch up one of his large seascapes in his studio at home. (credit: Acey Harper / Getty Images) Blissful and soothing reruns of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting can make even hardened Internet users drift away to a s...

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