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5 Useful Google Tools for Following the World Cup in 2018

The 2018 World Cup is about to kick off in Russia. The planet’s most-watched television event will see an estimated 3.2 billion people tune in as 32 nations compete for the most prestigious prize in global soccer. The final is expected to draw in a viewership of more than one billion. (For com...


Activision Is Killing Guitar Hero Live TV

If you’re a fan of Guitar Hero then you should make the most of the next six months. This is because Activision is taking Guitar Hero TV offline in December. Which will leave Guitar Hero Live owners with just the few dozen songs on the disc to play. A Brief Guitar Hero History Lesson The Guita...


Snapchat Now Lets You Delete Sent Messages

We have all said things we later regret, and the moment they leave your mouth, there’s no going back. However, digital forms of communication mean there is the option to rescind a statement, as long as you change your mind before the recipient reads it. Each and everyone of you will, at some t...


What Is a Breadboard and How Does It Work? A Quick Crash Course

The breadboard is the bread-and-butter of DIY electronics. Breadboards allow beginners to get acquainted with circuits without the need for soldering, and even seasoned tinkerers use breadboards as starting points for large-scale projects. If you are taking your first steps in the world of DIY or mi...


What is web hosting? All you need to know about choosing the right provider

If you have recently finished creating your own site, or you have one currently being designed for you, you’ll know the next big step is getting it online and live. This is where web hosting comes in .Think of your website as a series of documents on your computer (images, videos, HTML files e...


US Court Gives AT&T Approval to Buy Time Warner for $85 Billion

A US court today gave AT&T approval to go ahead and buy Time Warner without conditions. The ruling arrives after the Justice Department filed a lawsuit in November 2017 to try and stop the deal, which is valued at $85 billion. The District Court Judge Richard Leon determined that the US governme...


Verizon Gets Top Honors for Fastest Mobile Network From PCMag, Followed Closely by T-Mobile

PCMag posted its Fastest Mobile Networks 2018 report this morning, concluding that Verizon is the overall champion among the four major US carriers. On PCMag’s scoring system, Verizon ranks at a 99, followed by T-Mobile at 93, with AT&T coming in at 88 and Sprint well behind at 75. Those n...


YES: Google is Adding a Dark Theme Toggle!

Guys, Google is going to give us a dark mode toggle! It’s really happening! Your Pixel 2 or Pixel will soon have a manual switch that will flip it from light to dark theme. According to a Google Issue Tracker thread that was created in March when the first Android P previewed dropped, Google p...


Hisense’s H9E 4K ULED TVs With Android TV, Google Assistant Now Available at Around $650

Back at CES in January, we talked a lot about how more and more TV manufacturers were starting to adopt Android TV instead of their own custom smart TV experiences. Hisense is one of those brands that announced an upcoming line powered by Google’s TV platform, and that line is now availab...


Looks Like Google is Making Its Own Podcasts App

According to the folks at 9to5Google who did a bit of digging within the latest Google application, Mountain View may be preparing a standalone Google Podcasts app, a followup to the work it has already done for podcasts. You see, with the standard Google app, users can search for podcasts, then acc...

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