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Apple's New App Store Guidelines Restrict Apps From Harvesting Data From iPhone Users' Friends

Apple last week updated its App Store Review Guidelines for developers after unveiling iOS 12, introducing rules for remote mirroring apps, banning cryptocurrency mining, and introducing clear rules to allow developers to provide free trials for paid apps. At the same time, Apple also quietly expan...


Google retires Chrome extension inline installations

Google announced yesterday that it will retire inline installations of Google Chrome extensions starting with Chrome 71 in December 2018. Chrome extension developers are required to add their extensions to the Chrome Web Store but they could distribute it using inline installations up until now. Inl...


Protect Windows against Speculative Store Bypass exploits

It has become quite time consuming to stay up to date with the ever increasing threats that Spectre and Meltdown pose to computer systems around the world. New variants pop up regularly, and manufacturers like Intel and AMD, and software developers like Microsoft, release advisories, updates, and in...


Why (and how) Acer makes the most extreme PC gaming hardware

Acer has made something of a name for itself in the PC gaming world these past few years for some absolutely bonkers pieces of gaming hardware. The trend started with the Acer Predator 21X, a 21-inch gaming laptop with desktop parts inside.The laptop costs $8,999 (about £6,729, AU$11,879) at t...


Gaming leans into diversity at E3, but not hard

To say the gaming community is not known for its friendliness to women and minority groups is something of an understatement. But we’re starting to see developers abandon the usual excuses of tradition, demographics, and the most absurd of all, “realism,” in favor of making gaming...


Hands-on with Nintendo’s Poké Ball Plus

Nintendo doesn’t come out with a ton of hardware in-between system launches, but the peripherals it does come out with have a history of being pretty quality. That being said, the Poké Ball Plus may be the nicest little game-specific system accessory Nintendo has sold yet. At Nintendo&...


LOLA just raised $24M for a subscription service that ships tampons, pads and now condoms

LOLA, a subscription service delivering tampons and pads, and now other products, including condoms, lubricant, and feminine cleansing wipes, has closed on $24 million in Series B funding. While the startup touts its products’ “100% organic” nature, it’s also well-received be...


Fortnite won’t support cross-play between Nintendo Switch and PS4

As rumored, Fornite is coming to the Nintendo Switch. In fact, it’s arriving even earlier than we imagined, available today as a free download from the Nintendo eShop. The addition widens the play field for the title’s wildly popular gameplay. The Epic game is currently available on PC,...


Google’s Family Link software now recommends ‘teacher-approved’ apps

Google today is expanding the capabilities of its Android parental control software, Family Link, to go beyond helping parents better manage their child’s device and app usage. Now, the Family Link app will also help parents learn about what apps they may want to install for their kids, as we...


Trump administration fails to block AT&T/Time Warner merger

Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson) AT&T has won a court ruling allowing it to complete its purchase of Time Warner Inc. The ruling (PDF) by US District Judge Richard Leon went entirely in AT&T's favor. The Department of Justice had sued AT&T to block the merger. The judge's ruling, pendi...

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