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The humans are coming! HIDE!

Enlarge / While some animals are well adapted to nocturnal living, for some, we're forcing a rapid change in lifestyle. (credit: Washington Wildlife) When dinosaurs roamed the earth, mammals were nocturnal. They had to be to avoid being eaten. Now there are other big, bad creatures terrorizing m...


Touring Corsair: the ultimate PC parts maker for PC gamers

We recently had the unique opportunity to visit Corsair’s main headquarters located just north of Silicon Valley, in Fremont, California. We only expected a corporate building – augmented of course by the fun of PC gaming – but to our amazement inside is a competition-grade gaming...


Read This Before Signing Up for a Programming or Coding Course!

It’s student orientation, and you’re sitting at a table with a bunch of other students. You’re staring at a course catalog and trying to decide which classes to take next semester. You spot a few programming classes, and wonder if they’re right for you. Do you even need them...


How to Watch Netflix Originals That Match Your Tastes

Netflix is piling most of its money into producing original content—but that doesn’t mean viewers are actually watching it. The majority of streamed content still consists of licensed non-original content, meaning users are binge-watching the classics. This is rather unfortunate, because...


10 Awesome Ways to Upcycle Old Devices With a Raspberry Pi

Compact, wireless, and with a GPIO interface that allows you to hack pretty much any existing hardware, the Raspberry Pi is amazing. But it’s not the only amazing technology of the past 50 years. Home arcade games, color TVs, stereo systems, video players: at their time, these were also much l...


How to Customize or Disable Gmail Swipe Gestures on Android

Up until recently, swiping an email in the Android Gmail app meant one of two things would happen: you would either delete the email or you would archive it. A new update brings users a lot more options, one of which is great for the accidental swiper. With the new Gmail update, there are six possib...


How to Find and Replace Text With Images in Microsoft Word

There may be certain situations when you need to replace text with a graphic or image. Microsoft Word doesn’t have a Find and Replace search box for text, but there is a workaround you can use, and it involves the Clipboard. How to Find and Replace Text With Images You can use this process to...


Mozilla 'Scout' could be a voice controlled version of the Firefox web browser

Forget mice and keyboards, or even finger swipes and taps – the future of web browsing is voice control. Or, at least, that's what Mozilla seems to think, as it begins work on its new Scout project.With Amazon's Alexa, Google's Assistant and Apple's Siri making waves in the voice assistant and...


What are the different types of web hosting?

Depending on your level of expertise, web hosting, which is the task of making websites and web pages available to many users, can be either very simple of daunting. n this article we are going to explore the different types of hosting.  Our experts have curated the best web hosting services of...


Verizon Adds New $95 Above Unlimited Plan, Will Let You Mix and Match Plans

Verizon dropped big plan news this morning with the addition of a new unlimited data tier as well as a change that will allow customers to mix and match unlimited data plans on their family accounts. All of this arrives on June 18, so let’s talk about what’s happening. Above Unlimited Fo...

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