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The best small business printers of 2018

If you have a small business, then you'll want the best business printer that will fit into your office, while offering you and your team fast and dependable printing. With a small business, you'll want an affordable printer, which doesn't skimp on print quality due to its low price.It'll need to be...


This startup wants to kill the CPU and GPU in one go

Just over a month ago, Tachyum, a small tech startup, announced a new processor family, Prodigy, which it calls the world's first universal processor platform. Beyond that new label though are a number of hard-to-believe claims that the company has put forward including the fact that it delivers a 1...


Microsoft's Surface USB-C dongle lands June 29 – for businesses

The long, excruciating wait to get USB-C support on your Surface Pro or Surface Laptop is about to end at long last – well, at least for your office. Microsoft has told The Verge that it will begin selling its long-awaited Surface USB-C dongle on June 29 for $79 (about £59, AU$109) in th...


The best free books for Kindle 2018

The arrival of ebooks completely revolutionized the way we read, making it possible to take large numbers of books on our travels without exceeding our luggage allowance. The availability of free books has also made it easier than ever to try out new titles – whether they are classics or somet...


Best accounting software of 2018

Where business is concerned, it goes without saying that keeping your finances in order is imperative. Not only is it necessary in order to ensure that invoices are sent out and paid on time, and to help with forecasting cash flow, but detailed financial records are critical when the taxman comes kn...


Additional Details About Apple's New MacBook and MacBook Pro Keyboard Service Program

Following a few years of anecdotal complaints, and no less than three lawsuits, Apple on Friday initiated a new worldwide service program offering free repairs of MacBook and MacBook models equipped with low-profile, butterfly mechanism keyboards, which have been a source of frustration for some cus...


Tech Advocacy Group That Includes Apple Meeting This Wednesday to Discuss Online Privacy

Members of the Information Technology Industry Council plan to meet this Wednesday, June 27 in San Francisco to discuss "how to tackle growing questions and concerns about consumer privacy online." The news comes from Axios, and members of ITI in attendance will reportedly include Apple, Facebook,...


'Monument Valley 2' Nearly Doubled First-Year Revenue in Comparison to Original Game

Monument Valley 2 creators Ustwo Games today posted a new story on Medium (via The Verge) that highlights the first-year numbers and growth of the popular mobile sequel. Although there are numerous points of data to look at, one notable standout is that Monument Valley 2 earned $10.4 million in the...


Firefox upcoming WebExtension APIs revealed

When Mozilla released Firefox 57 back in November 2017, support for the new WebExtensions system for browser extensions was limited. Lack of support for certain APIs was a big problem as it meant that some extension developers could not port their extensions to the new extension system at all, had t...


Google Podcasts for Android is a joke

Google revealed the initial release of Google Podcasts recently, a new attempt by the company to establish a podcasting application for Android. Google Podcasts is available on Google Play; unlike other apps by the company, it is available for all users right away so that you can give it a try right...

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