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And Now T-Mobile’s Galaxy S9, S9+ Pick-Up June Security Patch

It’s started to look like Samsung has at least committed to updating the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ in the US to the June Android security patch. With Verizon’s S9 units picking up June’s updates yesterday, T-Mobile is now pushing them. The updates arrive as software versions G9...


YouTube Adds More Ways for YouTubers to Get Paid, Including New Premieres Feature

VidCon, also known as the grossest, ego-dipped, IRL-infested place on Earth, kicked off today, so we got a bunch of YouTube-related announcements. The announcements are actually pretty great if you do make a living from YouTube, as YouTube continues to explore ways for creators to get paid. YouTube...


Poll: Does a Phone With a Physical Keyboard Interest You?

Blackberry Mobile announced pre-orders or something for its upcoming KEY2 phone this morning, which got me back on my hater high-chair asking, “Wait, who wants a phone with a physical keyboard?” And that of course led to this here poll, where you, fabulous tech reader, get to tell us tha...


Measure App for Augmented Reality Now Works on All ARCore-Supported Devices

Should you own a device that supports ARCore, which is any of the devices listed here, you can now download and use the Measure app. This app can be very clutch if you’re looking to roughly measure spaces around the house or anywhere else. Did someone say the most handy tool ever for taking a...


Deal: Anker portable Bluetooth speakers get big discounts today at Amazon

It’s officially summer, which means it’s time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. It also means cookouts and parties, and its not a party without some tunes. Today, Amazon has cut prices of two portable Bluetooth speakers from Anker, both of which should help bring songs from your s...


Open the door to a career in networking with Cisco

Forbes magazine estimates that Cisco is 15 times bigger than it’s nearest rival in the networking game. Whether networking floats your boat or not, it’s absolutely integral to every big company on the planet. Naturally then, network engineers are in high demand, and Cisco engineers are t...


Comments of the Week: Galaxy S5 love, Russian hackers, and comment edits

Buongiorno, Android Authority readers! Right now I’m on vacation in Italy (Florence, to be exact), but I took some time out from eating gelato and pasta to whip up the weekly edition of Comment Authority for you all! Prego (that means “you’re welcome”). While I’ve...


Windows 10 gets a nifty Mac feature, thanks to QuickLook app

A nifty piece of macOS functionality that you might be familiar with – QuickLook – can now be enjoyed by Windows 10 users, thanks to a new app which has hit the Microsoft Store.Mac users can select a file and simply tap the spacebar to invoke QuickLook and pop-up a quick preview of said...


The Resident Evil 2 remake on PC won't require a scary powerful rig

A fully remastered re-release of Resident Evil 2 was one the surprise hits of E3 2018, and even better that it’s coming to PC. Somehow the best news is the lax system requirements that were just published on the game’s pre-order page on Steam.Luckily, fans of the seminal survival horror...


GarageBand’s new update includes 1,000 new loops and makes Artist Lessons free

Apple has announced a new update to music-making app GarageBand that adds loads of new sounds, loops, and instruments. As part of the update, Artist Lessons, which were previously $4.99 each, will now be free and included as part of Basic Lessons within the app. As part of GarageBand 10.3, the app...

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