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Apple admits some of its MacBook keyboards break too easily

You may recall that Apple is currently under fire for the design of the super-thin keyboards and keys that it packs into its current MacBook and MacBook Pro machines – apparently these keyboards are so thin and delicate that they're more susceptible to failing.Now Apple has owned up to the iss...


Reddit launches a ‘News’ tab into beta testing

Reddit is rolling out its “news” tab into beta, the company announced this week. The expansion follows on Reddit’s initial test of a news-related feature that began this May, when an alpha version shipped to some users of Reddit’s iOS app. At the time, Reddit explained it wan...


Konsus looks to give companies a way to get specially designed documents in under a day

Fredrik Thomassen as a consultant used to have the resources to offload the annoying project tasks — like making PowerPoint presentations — but now that it’s gone, he and his team wanted to make that available for everyone. Now the startup, called Konsus, wants to turn that around...


Facebook mistakenly leaked developer analytics reports to testers

Set the “days without a Facebook privacy problem” counter to zero. This week, an alarmed developer contacted TechCrunch, informing us that their Facebook App Analytics weekly summary email had been delivered to someone outside their company. It contains sensitive business information, i...


Selfies show worm slithered through woman’s face for 2 weeks

Enlarge / Doctors were able to extract the worm, a D. repens. (credit: Kartashev and Simon) A 32-year-old woman who visited a rural area outside of Moscow returned home with a surprising stowaway—in her face. And it was a restless one at that, according to a short report published this week...


More details leak on “Snapdragon 1000,” Qualcomm’s chip for Windows 10 laptops

Enlarge (credit: Qualcomm) Details of the SDM1000, tentatively named Snapdragon 1000, a new Qualcomm chip built for Windows 10 laptops, have started to trickle out. Microsoft's development of Windows 10 for ARM has seen the company partner with chip company Qualcomm. The first Windows 10 on ARM m...


Tesla to cut nearly 20 percent of its SolarCity installation locations

Enlarge / Close-up of logo for Tesla Solar, a home solar power generation solution offered by Tesla Motors, San Ramon, California, March 28, 2018. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images) (credit: Getty Images) Tesla is planning to close 13 or 14 solar installation locations that were set up...


Valve revamps its next controller, should make using hands in VR feel way cooler [Updated]

Valve's march toward launching new virtual reality video games—perhaps up to three of them—got more interesting on Thursday with the announcement of an update to the company's next official piece of VR hardware. After a quiet 2016 unveil...


Switch-hacking trolls reportedly loading pornographic profile pictures

Enlarge / A shot of the leaked DevMenu tool that lets users upload custom profile pictures on the Switch. (credit: Mizumi / Twitter) Nintendo only lets users choose from a limited number of preset profile pictures (or custom-made Miis) for their online avatar on the Switch network. So at least on...


Google Finally Launches a Podcasts App on Android

After years of ignoring the medium, Google is finally taking podcasting seriously. To that end, the company has released a standalone app called Google Podcasts. Which, as you may have guessed from the name, is an app dedicated to podcasts. What Is Google Podcasts? In a nutshell, Google Podcasts let...

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