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How to Turn a Raspberry Pi Into a Plex Media Server

Want to stream videos hosted on a Raspberry Pi to difference devices around your home? Several options are available (including Kodi) but for the best results, a dedicated Plex installation is recommended. Here’s how to install Plex server on a Raspberry Pi, configure it, and start streaming y...


8 Surprising Uses for Linux That You Can (Mostly) Try Yourself

Linux is highly configurable and adaptable. Plus, it’s free! With all of these qualities, it may not be a surprise to hear that people use Linux to do all kinds of tasks. Still, you may be surprised by some of the niche ways that people have put Linux to use. You may even want to take on some...


7 Vegetarian and Vegan Apps for a Healthier Life

Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” The human body thrives off vegetables, so it should be no surprise that more people than ever before are turning to a vegetable-based lifestyle. The problem with this lifestyle, if you’ve never tried it before, i...


Best website builders for photographers in 2018

Plenty of online tools will help you create a website in just a few minutes with just a few clicks, but they're not all geared towards helping photographers – those people who want to show off big, beautiful galleries of images online.If you're looking for a platform that's going to help you s...


Droid Life Q&A Sessions: Volume 52 Answers

We took an extended break from Q&A Sessions, and frankly, I’m glad we did. From the questions we received this week, it seemed many of you were inspired to come up with fantastic questions, so thank you very much for that. We love reading your questions and really having to think about our...


DEAL: Samsung’s DeX Pad Drops to $69.99 ($30 Off)

Samsung’s Dex Pad, a currently-exclusive accessory for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, is as cheap as ever today. A variety of electronics dealers have it priced at $69.99, which is $30 off its normal price. As a reminder, the DeX Pad lets you dock your Galaxy S9 or S9+ into a special desktop ex...


Samsung Embracing Stock Android on Upcoming Phone

According to SamMobile, Samsung is testing what appears to be an Android Go phone in markets all across the globe. Why does this matter, you ask? Well, for one, Android Go devices run a special version of the Android OS, made to operate on devices with not-so-premium specifications. Because of this,...


Root Android: Everything you need to know!

One of the best things about Android is just how customizable and flexible it is. Android lets you use it the way you want to use it, whether that means changing the launcher or setting up a host of unique automatic functions with Tasker. But for some, that isn’t enough. That’s why many...


You might break someone’s jaw if you throw the Panasonic Toughbook FZ-T1 at them

Panasonic announced the Toughbook FZ-T1, its latest rugged device. The Toughbook FZ-T1 is not a smartphone, though there is a version with 4G. The Wi-Fi-only and 4G versions will launch in August and September, respectively. Panasonic’s Toughbook devices might not be the cheapest around, but...


Say hello to the ultra-slim Asus Chromebook C223

Asus’ Chromebook C223 might have leaked through a Norwegian retailer. Even though availability and pricing are unknown, the Chromebook C223 might be a low-end Chromebook. Even though Asus is best known for its smartphones and Windows-powered computers, the company also cranks out Chromebooks...

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