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3 Ways to Recover Deleted Photos on Any Android Device

So you’ve deleted a precious photo (or an entire folder of photos) from your phone. Or worse, you broke or reset your phone and lost them all. What can you do? There are a few ways you can try to recover deleted photos on Android. They range from the simple to the more advanced, so hopefully t...


How to build your own website today without coding

In the past designing and constructing a website was something of a black art practised by denizens of the web who understood a strange language called HTML. Today things are somewhat different. If you can fill in an online form, you can create a professional website in minutes.There are a number of...


RPG-Style Pokémon Quest Comes to Android

Pokémon Quest is now available for Android and iOS devices, after a short exclusive period on Nintendo Switch. The game features all of your favorite Pokémon from the old school Blue and Red titles, so any fan of the franchise should automatically be familiar with all of the characters...


Qualcomm’s New Wearable Chip is For Kids Watches, Runs Special Version of Android

Qualcomm announced its new watch platform this week, the Snapdragon Wear 2500. No, this isn’t the new flagship chip we expect to arrive this fall to try and revive Wear OS, but it is important if you have kids. It’s also the first since the Snapdragon Wear 2100 arrived more than two year...


For Real: NVIDIA Rolls Out Upgrade 7.0 (Android 8.0 “Oreo”) to All SHIELD TV Owners

Ready for Oreo on your SHIELD TV? Good, because it’s coming today! After delays and preview members getting to use it, NVIDIA announced the news via Twitter, saying SHIELD Experience Upgrade 7.0 is rolling out to all users. This update includes a redone UI for the device, which brings rec...


Google Home is Down, Chromecast is Struggling Too (Updated)

At some point last night, Google Home and Chromecast units across this fine Earth stopped working. Google says they are working on fixing them both. Users who fired up a Home, Mini, or Max with “Hey, Google,” were either told that “there was a glitch” and users should &l...


Google Says We’re Still a Long Way From Duplex, AI-Powered Robot Calls

At this year’s Google I/O, Google showcased Duplex, an AI-powered program that users will access through Google Assistant to book reservations for various things over the phone. You simply give Google Assistant a place and time you want booked, then your Assistant will make a call to the busin...


Sony Mobile might cease operations in Middle East and Africa

According to Evan Blass, Sony Mobile will cease operation in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa by the end of the year. If true, this could mean that Sony Mobile is doing worse than previously assumed. This rumor comes on the back of previous mobile shakeups for Sony. According to a tweet from Ev...


Use Google Calendar to let the world know when you are out of the office

New Google Calendar features include “Out of Office” and the ability to select working hours for each day. The new features are rolling out to G Suite users and will be available to everyone in two weeks. Google announced a new “Out of Office” feature for Google Calendar th...


‘Better Together’ will put your Android and Chrome OS devices in co-op mode

“Better Together” is a new service from Google that will integrate your Android phone and Chrome OS computer. By having the two devices work together, new functionality is possible. Better Together seems to work a lot like Apple’s integration between iOS devices and macOS devices...

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