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Microsoft is re-launching its blockchain

Microsoft is looking to re-enter the blockchain game with a new service aiming to help settle payment disputes.The Windows 10 maker has revealed a new service aimed at helping companies manage their rights and royalty payments using the technology.The service, powered by Microsoft's Azure cloud plat...


B&O Play Earset wireless earphones

Bang & Olufsen is no stranger to in-ear headphones - we've already reviewed the completely wireless Beoplay E8 a few months back. The B&O Play Earset that we're looking at today is also positioned as wireless, but it  has a cord running between the two earbuds which is a design similar...


How to Listen to WhatsApp Audio Messages in Secret (No Headphones Required)

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular messaging apps, so it makes sense to know as much about it as possible. Aside from just text messages, WhatsApp also lets you send images, call others, and even upload audio messages. Those audio messages have been subject to a pain point for a while...


How to Never Accidentally Quit Apps on Mac Again

As any serious Mac user should know, you can press Cmd + Q to quit an app that’s running. It’s one of the most useful Mac shortcuts and is used every day by millions of people. But there’s a problem: We all make mistakes. Come on, admit it, you probably mis-type a letter every thir...


How to Download Google Translate Languages for Offline Use

Google Translate is a handy tool to use while traveling, but if you’re going abroad and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on roaming costs, you can download the dictionaries you need for offline use. Downloading a dictionary for a specific language is easy to do with the mobile Google...


The iCloud Photos Master Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Photo Management

Apple’s cloud-synced photo management system for your Mac and iPhone, iCloud Photo Library, provides powerful tools for your pictures. We’ve already outlined a few important traits of iCloud Photo Library. Now it’s time to dig deeper into that system.This guide is available to down...


Get giga-fast WiFi speeds with the devolo GigaGate network booster

There are few things as vital as air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat. But, today, if you want to enjoy the groundbreaking benefits of the hyperconnected world we now live in, you can count a reliable, high-speed internet connection alongside those everyday necessities.But too often someth...


NBN may have to compensate customers for poor service under Labor proposal

A new proposal from the Australian Labor Party would see NBN Co beholden to a wholesale service contract, requiring it to meet certain performance standards or else face fines and penalties.This would involve reimbursing customers that experienced significant delays in installing initial connections...


“Cheza” might be a Snapdragon 845-powered Chromebook that detaches from its keyboard

New commits revealed more details about the rumored “Cheza” Chromebook. According to the commits, Cheza might be a detachable machine that supports LTE. Cheza might be one of several Chromebooks that will directly compete with Microsoft’s Always-Connected PCs. When Qualcomm announ...


Mi Pad 4 revealed: new Xiaomi tablet with Snapdragon 660, face unlock

Xiaomi The Mi Pad 4 has been announced by Xiaomi, offering a Snapdragon 660 processor. Xiaomi’s new tablet also packs a 6,000mAh battery, which is slightly smaller than the one found in the Mi Pad 3. The new tablet is cheaper than the Mi Pad 3, but we also have a cellular version for the sa...

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