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FCC stands by decision to raise broadband prices on American Indians

Enlarge / Kayenta, AZ - 25 July 2016: Poor rural housing estate of Native Americans at the Navajo reservation (Navajo Nation) in the Arizona desert. (credit: Bloomberg | Erik Tham) The Federal Communications Commission is refusing to reverse a decision that will take a broadband subsidy away from...


Bay Area: Join us 7/11 to learn what the law has to say about the gig economy

Enlarge / Headquarters of car-sharing technology company Uber in the South of Market (SoMa) neighborhood of San Francisco, California, October 13, 2017. (credit: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images) In early May 2018, a California Supreme Court ruled that it is now harder for employers to formal...


Elon Musk has an idea for saving boys stranded in a Thailand cave

Elon Musk. (credit: Tesla Club Belgium) Elon Musk is sending a team of engineers to Thailand to see if they can help authorities racing to save a dozen boys and their coach who are stranded in a cave there. "SpaceX & Boring Co engineers headed to Thailand tomorrow to see if we can be helpful...


Ant-Man and the Wasp review: Even smaller scale, even bigger heart

Enlarge (credit: Marvel Studios) For some fans, 2015's Ant-Man was a breath of fresh air after the save-the-world insanity of many other Marvel Studios films. But that comic series' small-suit, big-screen debut was still glued to Avengers plot lines, which arguably dragged its momentum and f...


Rocket Report: Japanese rocket blows up, NASA chief ponders purpose of SLS

Enlarge / We need your help to produce a new newsletter to chronicle the dynamic launch industry. (credit: Aurich Lawson/background image United Launch Alliance) Welcome to Edition 1.07 of the Rocket Report! This week there's a lot of news from the small booster side of the things, as well as som...


Seagate gets back into the flash storage game with BarraCuda SSDs

Seagate arguably got back into the SSD game earlier than Western Digital, but the storage company worked primarily in the enterprise space – but finally at long last it's introducing a BarraCuda SSD for PC enthusiasts.Before you get too excited, know that the BarraCuda SSD is only a SATA III d...


What is AI? Everything you need to know

Far from being the stuff of science-fiction, artificial intelligence, or AI, is becoming an increasingly common sight in today's world.Combining the latest powerful software with top-of-the-range hardware, AI tools are being used to transform many areas of everyday life, from healthcare to traffic p...


Damson S-Series

Damson’s S-Series speaker system stands out from the fast-growing hordes of convenient Dolby Atmos sound solutions in a couple of potentially exciting ways. First, it’s incredibly compact for a system that provides a genuine 5.1.2 speaker configuration. Second, every part of its spe...


Is YouTube Premium Worth the Money? 7 Things You Need to Consider

In May 2018, Google rebranded what was once called YouTube Red as YouTube Premium. The service itself didn’t change much and still offers many of the same benefits. The one big addition is a new music streaming service called YouTube Music Premium (not the same thing as Google Play Music). But...


4 Things to Know Before Buying a Wi-Fi Router for Your Home

The days of booting up your PC, plugging in your dial-up modem, and connecting to AOL with its signature tone are long gone. Wireless is now the de facto standard when connecting to the internet, with smartphones rejecting the idea of wired connections entirely. You may have used a Wi-Fi network whe...

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