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Charter launches mobile service, throttles all video to 480p

Enlarge (credit: Toolstotal) Charter Communications launched its mobile broadband service on June 30, and it's throttling all video streams to DVD quality. "DVD-quality video streaming is supported. Video typically streams at 480p," Charter notes in the "Pricing & Other Info" section of its m...


The BeOS file system, an OS geek retrospective

HD, so like... a high-definition floppy? It's the day after Independence Day in the US, and much of our staff is just returning to their preferred work machines. If this was 1997 instead of 2018, that would mean booting up BeOS for some. The future-of-operating-systems-that-never-was arrived just...


Senior scientist argues that we should bypass Europa for Enceladus

Enlarge / Planetary scientist Carolyn Porco speaks on stage at the National Geographic Awards on Thursday, June 14, 2018, at Lisner Auditorium in Washington, D.C. (credit: Taylor Mickal/National Geographic) In its quest to find extant life in the Solar System, NASA has focused its gaze on the Jov...


What I’ve learned from nearly three years of enterprise Wi-Fi at home

Enlarge / A USG router, a 10-gigabit Ethernet switch, and a 48-port PoE switch. This is what it sounds like when fans cry. (credit: Lee Hutchinson) There is a moment of perfect stillness after the cable slips through my fingers and vanishes back up the hole in the ceiling like an angry snake. The...


AMD Ryzen 5 2500X benchmarks reveal a beefy mid-range processor

Just the other day, we reported on the AMD Ryzen 3 2300X being benchmarked, and now it looks like another low-cost AMD processor is getting its due.The Hong Kong-based XFastest got its hands on an unannounced and unreleased Ryzen 5 2500X chip. The processor is supposedly a four-core, eight-thread ch...


Google Admits Third-Party Apps Can Read Your Gmail

Google has moved to assure Gmail users that their inboxes are private and secure. However, in doing so it has admitted that third-party apps can read your Gmail, and that this is all your fault. After all, you’re the one giving developers access. For many years, Google analyzed the emails pass...


The Best Phone Watch for Kids: GPS Trackers and Smartwatches

Today’s world is a scary place for parents raising younger children. Along with helping to steer them away from threats online, moms and dads are always concerned about the general safety and security of their kids. Many give older children a smartphone so they’ll know exactly where they...


6 Psychological Reasons Why Video Games Are Addicting

Video games can suck you in and hold onto you like few other activities. On the surface, playing video games is no more or less valuable than reading, watching movies, or similar hobbies. But unlike those activities, games have a tendency to encourage extended play sessions and even addictive behavi...


10 of the Best Windows 10 Themes for Every Desktop

A surprising number of users don’t change their desktop background. Don’t believe us? Just peek over a couple of people’s shoulders next time you’re in a coffee shop or airport. And of the people that do change their desktop, far too many stick with one of the operating syste...


5 Arduino Power Saving Tips That’ll Keep Yours Running for Days

Arduino boards have changed the face of DIY technology. Simple projects like creating miniature Arduino traffic lights are perfect for teaching beginners about basic electronics and programming. Arduinos are perfect for home projects, and can be used on the move by attaching a battery pack to them....

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