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Android Jetpack: What do the recent announcements mean for Android’s Support Library?

The official Android docs describe Android Jetpack as “a set of libraries, tools and architectural guidance.” This vague description has left many developers wondering what Android Jetpack really is. Taking a look at the list of Android Jetpack components just raises even more ques...


Captiv8 is making its influencer database available for free

You might think that the main selling point of an influencer marketing startup like Captiv8 is to help marketers find influencers and creators to work with. Maybe so, but that isn’t stopping the company from making its creator discovery product available for free. “We felt that we really...


Team TechRadar's Amazon Prime Day deals wishlist

With Amazon Prime Day fast approaching we're getting ready to bring you all the best prime day deals throughout the sale when it starts at midday (3pm ET) on July 16 and right through Prime Day itself on the 17.There will be hundreds, if not thousands of deals to choose from and we'll be rummaging t...


Cheaper, smaller Microsoft Surface tablet has passed through US regulators

As first detected by German publication WinFuture, Microsoft has pushed a “portable computing device” through to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in the US, that's likely to be a new Surface tablet.Microsoft has been rumored to be developing a budget Surface tablet with a 10-i...


What Is GrayKey? A Tool That Breaks iPhone Encryption and Passwords

Encryption is a boon to anyone using a digital device. The internet would be a dangerous place without encryption, as would Wi-Fi access points and password-protected devices like iPhones. However, the iPhone is no longer the bastion of security it once was. US law enforcement agencies are using a c...


The Best OLED TV: LG, Sony, and Panasonic Compared

Television technology is progressing at an astounding rate. And while the increasing prevalence of streaming devices means smart TVs aren’t so useful anymore, the quality of the displays continues to go from strength to strength. The latest “big thing” is OLED displays for TVs. Thr...


A Beginner’s Tutorial on Writing VBA Macros in Excel (And Why You Should Learn)

Excel Macros can save you a ton of time by automating Excel processes that you use often. But macros are actually quite limited. It’s easy to make a mistake with the recording tool, and the recording process is awkward. Using VBA to create macros gives you a great deal more power. You can tell...


Amazon Prime Day 2018 Kicks Off on July 16

Amazon has announced the first details about Prime Day 2018, including the date when it’s happening, the countries taking part, and the kinds of deals we can expect. And it looks like this, the fourth annual Prime Day, is going to be bigger than ever. In 2015, to celebrate the company turning...


How to Repair Your Mac’s Disk Using Safe Mode, fsck, and More

There’s no need to panic if your Mac won’t start. Ignore the gut-wrenching feeling that fixing your computer will take a long time. macOS includes some simple fixes that can help get everything right straight away. You don’t need to take your machine to a service center for repair...


Stackpath rebrands to help push integration further

As alluded in a recent interview by its CEO, StackPath has unveiled its next iteration of its platform and services which brings together the multitude of brands that it has acquired over the past two years under one label.The company, which merged with Server Density only a few months ago, has fing...

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