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Popular Facebook and Instagram add-on Timehop has been hacked

Another day, another data breach. This time, it has affected 21 million users of the popular time capsule app Timehop.Timehop revealed that the attack, which took place on July 4, has exposed the personal data, including names and email addresses, of practically its entire user base. Of those affect...


If You Couldn’t Pull July Security Patch on Your Pixel or Pixel 2, It Should be Live Today

I don’t know why that July’s security patch wasn’t made available right away to all Pixel and Pixel 2 owners, but it should be as of today. A number of our readers pinged us to say that the update was now live after not having been available to pull. The update is just the July pat...


Verizon’s Visible, a Prepaid Service, is Just Livin’ in the Now, Man

Since you probably already forgot that it existed, I wanted to talk a little bit today about Verizon’s new prepaid service called Visible. No, it’s not available on Android or to the general public yet, but it’s been unveiled in such artificially vague, eye-roll-worthy terms t...


40 Days With OnePlus 6, It’s Still Great

After Kellen wrapped up his full review of the OnePlus 6, I kindly asked if I could use it as my daily driver. I’ve been using it ever since, so it’s been about 40 days of nonstop OnePlus 6 action for me. We don’t typically revisit devices, but for the OnePlus 6, I’d like to...


T-Mobile Galaxy S9, S9+, and Note 8 All Grab New Updates

Samsung and T-Mobile released new updates for the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, and Galaxy Note 8 this morning. None of the updates appear to be major, but should include security updates as well as other bug fixes. T-Mobile says that the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are getting RTT updates, enhancements to their DIG...


The Oppo Find X will launch in India July 12

Oppo will launch the Find X in India July 12. The company did not say how much the phone would cost or when it will go on sale. Oppo announced the Find X for Europe, China, and North America, but confirmed it will not launch in the U.S. Even though the Oppo Find X will (sadly) not launch in the U.S...


Exclusive deal: Carry 6x phone charge with the Extreme Boost

Today’s deal is an AAPicks exclusive people! Most of the latest phones don’t allow you to change out the battery, which can be most frustrating. Ever since the Galaxy S5 for example, Samsung have prioritized a glass immovable back, rather than the most convenient of options to just pop...


Isn’t it ironic: Hacker steals customer data from Android spyware company

A vigilante hacker targeted an Android spyware company called SpyHuman. The hacker exposed massive amounts of data of SpyHuman clients and marks. Hacks like these should cause consumers to think twice about using spyware products. In the old days, if you suspected your romantic partner of cheating...


Nokia 5.1 Plus prepped for July 11 launch

OnLeaks/Tiger Mobiles Nokia teased a July 11 launch for its newest X series smartphone, which could be the rumored Nokia X5. The Nokia X5 will reportedly be called the Nokia 5.1 Plus in international markets. The phone will reportedly feature a display notch, dual cameras, and varying amounts of...


Amazon Prime Day 2018: Deals, dates, and everything else you should know

The fourth annual Amazon Prime Day is almost here, giving you the chance to save big on a ton of tech products. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest and greatest Amazon Prime Day deals during the event! Sign up for Amazon Prime (1-yr) Visit the Amazon Prime Day PAGE When i...

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