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China producing x86 chips nearly identical to AMD server processors

Enlarge / A chip almost identical to AMD's EPYC processor has begun to appear in China. It's the result of an AMD joint venture with a Chinese government-owned investment group. (credit: AMD) Thanks to a licensing deal with AMD and a complex joint-venture arrangement, the Chinese chip producer Ch...


JBL Endurance Sprint

If you work out with your headphones, they had better be made to withstand the abuse. A good pair of workout headphones should fit securely, be water-resistant, and be able to survive being tossed in a gym bag repeatedly. The JBL Endurance Sprint checks all of these boxes and offers good sound...


New Microsoft Surface teased on Twitter ahead of official unveiling

After multiple rumors of a new Surface tablet on Reddit, a filing with the FCC and a Bloomberg report, Microsoft has started teasing the next Surface on Twitter.In a short, five-word tweet published on July 9, Microsoft teased “Where will Surface go next?” with the entire line-up of curr...


What Is Mylobot Malware? How It Works and What to Do About It

Cybersecurity is a constant battleground. In 2017, security researchers discovered some 23,000 new malware specimens per day (that’s 795 per hour). While that headline is shocking, it turns out that the majority of these specimens are variants of the same malware type. They just have slightly...


How to Boost Volume on a Chromebook Beyond Max

Is your Chromebook not loud enough? It’s a common problem across many of these laptops, including some of the best Chromebooks out there today like the Asus Flip C302. Here’s how you can fix the issue by cranking up the volume of a Chromebook beyond its max settings. How Is Chromebook Vo...


5 Motivational Apps for iPhone to Help You Think Positive

Whether you’re looking to improve your life, develop new habits, or just make it through the day, you’re going to need motivation. But motivation can be hard to come by. These five motivational apps for iPhone solve that problem. In just a few minutes, these apps will help you gather mot...


How to Enable Parental Controls on Kodi

Kodi is one of the best ways to watch classic movies, organize your locally-saved TV series and movies, and stream content to other screens in your home. But its real strength lies in its availability of add-ons. The official Kodi repo boasts dozens of them, and there’s a near-endless supply o...


How to Enable Technology Previews on Lightroom Mobile

Adobe brings out exciting Technology Previews now an then. These are experimental beta-features which go through the filter of the photography community before turning into defaults. Adobe Lightroom CC for Mobile promises its own set of Technology Previews you can enable with just a toggle button. E...


Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium Pre-Order Live on Amazon, Priced at $999

The most premium Xperia XZ2 model from Sony, the XZ2 Premium, is now up for pre-order through Amazon for $999.99. Because this is a pre-order, please note that launch is set for July 30. I say Premium is the most premium because this XZ2 unit is outfitted with a 4K HDR Triluminos display, the highes...


DEAL: 2 Google Home Minis for $48, $30 Off Home, $150 Off 2 Maxes (Updated)

Not interested in up to $300 off the Pixel 2 XL? How about a discount on Google Home products? As I was saying earlier, there are so many good deals on electronics right now and that includes all of Google’s smart home speakers. Google and its retail partners have dropped Google Home to $34 ($...

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